How Soviet Intelligence Agencies Used the Legendary Farewell to OUN-UPA for Operational Games With the West

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


When today in large quantities people write that “Banderists were running across Western Ukraine prior to the beginning of the 60’s” and that “Stalin and the Ministry of State Security did not finish the job in the fight against Banderists”, they have no idea what they write about, and it simply plays into the hands of myth makers such as Vyatrovich.

After the capture of the last commander of the OUN underground on western Ukrainian lands Vasyl Kuk, this underground was actually crushed. The Ministry of State Security created the legendary farewell of OUN to build the illusion for western opponents of the existence of the underground using former Banderists, who after a number of amnesties cut ties with the OUN-UPA underground, where many of them were previously forcibly mobilized.

Western intelligence were sending nationalist emissaries to them who were either captured and then used to carry out operational radio play, or, having converted them, sent them back, feeding western intelligence with the necessary information.

I recall the virtuoso 20-year operational game between Soviet bodies of state security and OUN foreign centers and western intelligence agencies – operation “Boomerang”. It is quite possible that if there was no treachery of Gorbachev, who as a gesture of good will stopped this operational game, and who revealed that the participants were our agents, and if the treacherous elites didn’t dismantle the Soviet Union, this game would have continued to this day. And the revealed participants of this operational game were later hounded and prematurely died.

The head of the fake “OUN”, Lvov doctor, Svyatoslav Panchishin (left) and the head of the KGB of the USSR Nikolai Galushko

On September 14th, 1988, in the Blue hall of October Palace of culture of Kiev the noisy press conference opened, which caused a big resonance in the European media. Correspondents were addressed by “long-time heads of the Banderist underground in Ukraine”: the Lvov doctor Svyatoslav Ignatyevich Panchishin and the Kiev journalist Yury Aleksandrovich Ivanchenko, who enlightened the world about how for nearly two decades they fooled foreign nationalist centers by portraying “flamboyant anti-Soviet activity”.

For services to the “development of the Banderist underground in Ukraine” participants of operation “Boomerang” Ivanchenko and Panchishin even received the Gold cross of OUN, and Svyatoslav Panchishin was even appointed in 1981 the “Chairman of the Supreme Court of OUN in Ukraine”, the chief of the “OUN Security Service in the region”, awarded with the “silver medal of S. Bandera”, and was even included in the structure of the central leadership of foreign parts of OUN and the “Ukrainian government”.

Alas, after the press conference, where this operation of the KGB of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was sounded, those heroes, without exaggeration, were simply hounded and they prematurely died.

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For persons interested – here are scans of the newspaper from this well-known press conference:


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