“Spoiled People, the Worst Region”: How Poroshenko’s TV Channel Deprived the Residents of Donbass of Ukrainian Citizenship

On the air of “Channel 5”, which belongs to former President Petro Poroshenko, Lvov journalist Ostap Drozdov called to deprive all residents of the L/DPR of Ukrainian citizenship.

He also expressed the opinion that the population of these territories does not need Ukraine – unlike the territories themselves.

More recently, calls for discrimination against Donbass residents have intensified. However, they were limited mainly to the Facebook pages of authors of such statements.

This time the controversial statement was made on the air of one of the national TV channels. At the same time, the host Yanina Sokolova, who interviewed Drozdov, made no attempts to disassociate herself from what he said or at least to argue with the guest.

As the Ukrainian “Strana” agency already said, the constant injection into the information space of theses about the inequality of people from the DPR and LPR is done in order to disrupt the timid elements of a peace settlement in Donbass – that the non-controlled territories themselves do not want any forms of integration with Ukraine at all.

“Strana” figured out what another discriminatory recipe was invented for Donbass on Poroshenko’s channel.

Drozdov thus spoke

Journalist and former “ZiK” TV presenter came on “Randevu” with Yanina Sokolova on October 26th. After watching a video from the DPR”, where local residents stated that they wanted to live with Russia, Drozdov recalled that he had previously defended separatists and tried to “think like them”. But then he changed his mind.

“Of course I loved going to the zoo as a child and watching how they behave especially in the artiodactyla department. But I already outgrew this affair and dotted the ‘i’s’ for myself,” said Drozdov, explaining his evolution.

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Sokolova read out one of Ostap’s posts that the residents of the L/DPR need to re-do the procedure of obtaining citizenship, and asked him what to do with those who remained due to circumstances: sick parents or nowhere to go.

“A hundred reasons”, the journalist nodded ironically. And he said he shared the issue of territories and population.

“We do not argue about the territories… But I share the question of demography, population. We ‘re not going to deal with everyone individually. We have to be cynical about it. In principle, all the people who live there for the sixth year in ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’, who say ‘We want to be in Russia’, or internally support it, or do not say something against it, they for me spoiled and lost people. I do not see them as citizens of Ukraine,” declared Drozdov.

He said that “we open doors for them, but on the condition that very tight filters are put in front of these people”. Also Drozdov outlined a very simple condition of such filtration: stay in the LPR and DPR.

“If you do not leave, you automatically lose citizenship and later the state says: get it again,” proposes the TV presenter.

To the second question, how to behave with those who were physically unable to leave, he answered: “They should just excuse us for the generalisation and say, yes, we are ready to wait a little while… We if we start playing half-measures, they’ll just strangle us.”

The journalist then attributed a number of characteristics to residents of non-controlled territories.

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“To a certain extent, they are terrible people… I claim that Donbass is the worst in its civilian consciousness. They are in that ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’, they don’t listen to anything besides ‘Rasha Tudey’ [a pejorative reference to Russia Today – ed] and Skabeeva. These are in principle hopeless people,” said the journalist.

Who else was rude to the people of Donbass

Just yesterday, activist Marusya Zveroboy on a stream with the people’s deputy from “European Solidarity” Sofiya Fedyna said that it was impossible to ask residents of even the territories under the control of Donbass about anything. This is how she commented on Zelensky’s trip to Zolotoye, where he spoke to the local population and stated that he was not against the disengagement of troops.

“The Commander-in-Chief does not go to villages and does not ask the opinion of people brainwashed by Russian propaganda,” said Zveroboy.

“Explain what is happening in the country in general, make sure that there Ukrainian channels work normally so that a person can make an informed choice, not imposed by Russian propaganda. And then you’ll ask them what they think about disengaging troops.

But unfortunately, you, bitch, will not be able to do that, and you know why? Because you, pederast, don’t know it yourself, because you have brains washed by Russian propaganda. Because you were Soviet and you remained Soviet. You became president because you, motherfucker, was made by factories and bot farms,” said the friend of Fedyna.

In fact, she stated that it is not necessary to talk to the population of Donbass at all, and at all voted for Zelensky “botfarm”. And then she went on to swear the ways of the president’s death, as she had already told “Strana”.

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In general, October turned out to be fruitful for such statements.

On October 8th the former host of the show “Karaoke on Maidan”, producer Igor Kondratyuk voiced his version of the settlement of the situation in Donbass after Ukraine reached an agreement on the “Steinmeier formula“.

Among the 10 points of the “Kondratyuk program” are the eviction of residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions outside the country if they do not confirm their desire to live in Ukraine, as well as the deprivation of their suffrage for 10 years. And Kondratyuk proposed to deprive those who were involved in the organisation of referendums of their right to vote for life.

The showman made his opinion public on his Facebook page.

A couple of days before Kondratyuk’s recipe, Lvov journalist Oleg Radyk, the host of the “Big Negotiations” program, offered his formula.

He called to beat the residents of Donbass if they incorrectly respond to “Glory to Ukraine“. He also proposed to close all universities in the region and not to pay pensions. And “collaborators” are passed through filtration camps, which need to be setup in mines. According to him, only 40 years of cleansing will make the temporarily non-controlled territory “truly Ukrainian”.

Viktoriya Venk

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