Stalin’s Reaction to Churchill’s Praise: “… Churchill Needs This to Calm His Guilty Conscience”

NEW – July 6, 2022

On November 9, 1945, when Stalin was vacationing in the south, Pravda published a TASS report from London, “Churchill’s Speech in the House of Commons”. In it, in particular, it was reported that, speaking about Comrade Stalin, Churchill stated: “I personally cannot feel anything other than greatest admiration for this truly great man, the father of his country, who ruled the fate of his country in times of peace and a victorious defender during war.” Churchill spoke of the “noble Russian people”. Churchill also said that “any idea that Britain is deliberately pursuing an anti-Russian policy or arranging complex combinations to the detriment of Russia is completely contrary to English ideas and conscience”.

The next day, November 10, 1945, Stalin sends a cipher message from Sochi, where he was resting at that moment, addressed to Molotov, Malenkov, Beria and Mikoyan:

“I consider it a mistake to publish Churchill’s speech praising Russia and Stalin. Churchill needs this praise in order to calm his guilty conscience and disguise his hostile attitude towards the USSR, in particular, to disguise the fact that Churchill and his students from the Labour Party are the organisers of the Anglo-American-French bloc against the USSR.

By publishing such speeches, we help these gentlemen.

We now have a lot of responsible workers who get into foolish raptures from the praise from the Churchills, Trumans, Byrnes, and, conversely, get discouraged from unfavourable reviews from these gentlemen. I consider such sentiments dangerous, as they develop our obsequiousness to foreign figures. It is necessary to wage a fierce struggle against subservience to foreigners.

But if we continue to publish detailed speeches, we will inculcate servility and adulation. I’m not even talking about the fact that Soviet leaders do not need praise from foreign leaders.

As for me personally, such praises only jar me.”


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