Staromykhailovka Under Fire: Shocking Evidence From the Residents of Donbass About UAF Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the internet a new video appeared which serves as evidence of crimes committed by Ukrainian punishers in Donbass — the Donetsk People’s Republic is on fire, UAF shell on all fronts and pull equipment to the front line.

The situation in Donbass is heating up more and more. Systematic reconnaissance of the DPR recorded the addition of UAF equipment to the front line, and the number of attacks is growing every day.

So, today it became known that in the village of Polnoye, nine kilometers from the contact line, near Volnovakha the arrived of a dozen tanks was noted. Also in the village of Talakovka, three kilometers from the contact line in the Mariupol direction, three self-propelled “Akatsiya” howitzers of 152 mm caliber, and near the village of Pavlopol just kilometers from the contact line, four 82-mm mortars were spotted.

Just for the last day the front of the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic came under fire 519 times — under UAF was Alexandrovka, Trudovskye, Staromykhailovka in the Western part of Donetsk, Gorlovka and the village of Zaitsevo, Yasinovataya and the village of Spartak, Vasilyevka, Dokuchaevsk, and also the Southern village of Leninskoye and Sakhanka.


The Ukrainian military fired six artillery shells of 122 mm and 152mm calibers, and 148 mines of 82 and 120 mm caliber. In addition, they used grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicles and various types of small arms.

The village of Staromykhailovka, located in the West of Donetsk, is shelled daily by punishers. There is not a single day when the name of the village is not mentioned in the DPR military reports. And there are still living people there — about 3,000 people, including children.

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“They shoot at us every day, and often on our school. The impression is that they are specifically aiming at the school. We know that Ukraine is shelling, from Marinka. As soon as it gets dark. How could this all be patient and when this is all over? How long it is possible to endure all of this, and when will all this finish? Is it possible to live like that everyday? Here, in each house people live, we are about 3,000 people. We go to work, the children go to school, all come under shelling. But we must live, life goes on, we just are simply not needed by anyone,” said a resident of the long-suffering village.

The fact that the UAF especially shoot at houses of civilians, including playgrounds is shown in another video, published by the former Deputy of Ukraine Aleksey Zhuravko. The footage was filmed by one of the friends of the ex-politician in Donetsk. The content of the film is shocking.

The war in Donbass has almost entered its third year, and during these three years the world community has not stopped the crimes of the Ukrainian punishers in Donbass. Every second village in the DPR is like Staromykhailovka. And there, also, is bombed every day despite the fact that people live there, as the UAF don’t care where the projectile falls, the most important thing is that it’s not on their homes in Kiev, Kharkov or Lvov. But as they say, life is a boomerang, and everything made by man will certainly return to it.

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