State Debt of Ukraine Grew to 1,941,000,000,000 Hryvnias

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The total State (direct) and guaranteed-by-the-State debt of Ukraine in February, 2017, increased by 10.34 billion UAH ($0.55 billion) – up to 1.941 trillion UAH ($71.76 billion), reported the Ministry of Finance.

According to the information, the public debt by the end of February reached 1.666 trillion UAH ($61.58 billion), including external – 977,64 billion UAH ($36,14 billion). The debt guaranteed-by-the-State came to 275.43 billion UAH ($10,18 billion), including external – 256.32 billion UAH ($9.47 billion).

According to the Ministry, recapitalization of the State-owned Ukreximbank, Oschadbank (both Kiev), and Privatbank (Dneper) is the main reason for the increase in national debt in February.

As was reported, the law on the State budget-2017 estimated the extreme size of the national debt for the end of 2017 at 1,716,630,000,000 UAH, and the extreme size of debt guaranteed-by-the-State at 579.37 billion UAH, in comparison with 1,501,480,000,000 UAH and 444.78 billion UAH for the end of 2016 in the law on the State budget-2016.

As a reminder, the National Bank of Ukraine predicted the level of the State and guaranteed-by-the-State debt in 2017 would be 82%.

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