State Department’s Sectarian Circus Comes to Paris & Berlin

By Ollie Richardson

After Russia made it clear to the US that a red line is drawn around the perimeter of Damascus, and that should they cross it the consequences will be grave, Washington is rinsing and repeating the same tried and tested strategy – propaganda – in order to keep public opinion extremely misinformed. Bombing the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor, killing over 100 troops, and launching an info campaign against Russia after a UN humanitarian aid convoy was mysteriously bombed, is a sign of things to come.

The pattern is as follows:

US draws Russia into “peace” negotiations –> US sells al-Nusra to Russia at an outrageous price (removal of Assad) –> Russia calls their bluff and declines the offer –> “moderate” rebels and Jihadists, as well as Syrian troops, use the negotiation phase to heal and reload –> Russia launches new campaign to gain some more political leverage –> rinse and repeat…

Well, just as Russia and friends launch an offensive in East Aleppo, the US State Department shoves some dollars in the palms of useful idiots, with the instruction “wave this flag” and “say bad things about Russia and Assad”. Thus, on the 1st October a mentally ill horde appeared in the two most important cities in the shift from unipolarity to multipolarity – Paris and Berlin.

After turning Germany and France into the EU version of South Sudan, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande’s days are numbered, and in 2017 they are likely to be shown the door, replaced (hopefully) by Marine Le Pen’s “National Front” and the “Alternative for Germany” party  – both of which have certainly made their positive sentiments to Russia known. The future recognition of Crimea as Russian territory by Paris and Berlin is a bitter pill to swallow for the White House, but judging by Donald Trump’s words, that may not be the case at all.

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So, for the current crop in Capitol Hill it is important to do as much damage as they can to the European consensus before the new era of global order begins – the Yuan became a reserve currency on October 1st!

It would appear that the September freak show in London was not a one-off…

Refugees Welcome Here…and Al-Qaeda

…and in fact John Kirby had enough paper in his wallet for the sub-zoology liberals in both Paris and Berlin:

Paris – 1st October 2016


Fortunately there was at least some common sense on display in Berlin, especially outside the US embassy:


Working in tandem with this “rent-a-retard” is the french media – the 27th September 2016 issue of Le Parisien in particular published an agitprop “masterpiece” entitled: La très sale guerre de Poutine à Alep, which translates as “The very dirty war of Putin in Aleppo”. The article claims that Assad is preventing aid from entering Aleppo, and Putin is replicating Grozny by forcing civilians to flee by dropping bombs en masse.

Of course, the “moderate” rebels wouldn’t deliberately prevent aid from entering besieged areas, and of course they don’t indiscriminately kill civilians with hell cannons. All in all – another day, another dollar. Stalkerzone encourages readers to send the writer of the aforementioned article a “friendly” tweet or two “commending” him on his “great” work…for al Qaeda.


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