State Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet: Kiev Makes the First Steps Towards Recognising Crimea as Russian Territory

The odious Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin stated on March 7th, during a press conference hosted by the propagandist “Ukrinform” agency, that Crimea “is the worst version of Russia”, but nevertheless for the first time identified the peninsula with the Russian Federation.

You understand very well – but many in the world feel it although they don’t fully understand it – that Russia could not turn the occupied territory into ordinary Russia. It is much more the worst version of Russia, much more the worst version of a dictatorship where many people are just afraid to leave their houses

According to the deputy of the State Duma from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet, who commented to “RIA Novosti” about Klimkin’s speech, this statement serves as confirmation that by identifying Crimea with Russia, the junta in Kiev takes the first steps towards recognising the status of the peninsula.

The Kiev authorities, although in an aggressive form, since they are prevented from doing so from the outside, already identify Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation. These are the first steps towards the recognition of Crimea as Russian. Their comments and words confirm this. Thanks to them for not dividing us in their comments with the Russian Federation, as was the case before. At last they finally understood that Crimea irrevocably returned back home to its historical Motherland

According to him, Crimea soon will become an example of dynamic development for all the international community.

Klimkin’s lectures to us are uninteresting and untrue. Today Crimea is visited by a great number of foreign delegations, which personally see that the profanation broadcasted from the territory of Ukraine and a number of foreign states is not true

It should be noted that the core of Petro Poroshenko’s re-election campaign is based on Putin and Russia, even if it is presented as being “anti” in nature. I.e., Ukraine fights against itself and cannot escape the historical fact that it is Malorossiya in the same way that Belarus is Belorossiya – Rus. This is why the Maidan coup in 2014 is commonly referred to as project “anti-Russia”, because a so-called “independent” Ukraine is like Frankenstein’s monster, although in this case the CIA is the creator, and not an Italian-Swiss scientist. A separate matter is the IMF’s recognition of a Russian Crimea

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