Statement of the Turkish Federation of Crimean Tatar Cultural Associations Concerning America’s Jerusalem Move

By Ünver Sel

The decision of the United States concerning Jerusalem is unacceptable for the Muslim Crimean Tatars! The outcome is likely to turn into a regional conflict.

The violent terrorist acts of ISIS, separatist Wahhabist activities in the Caucasus, and the terrorist threat of Gladio towards Crimea cannot be considered as aside from America’s Jerusalem decision.

The Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation are taking the initiative in the Middle Eastern problem. Israeli-Palestinian peace will follow the Astana and Sochi process.

The Trump-Erdogan-Putin trio are the only leaders who can solve the Middle Eastern problem.

It seems that there is a consensus among them. Putin’s visit should be seen as the first step in the solution process.

For Middle East peace, however, the efforts of Turkey and Russia can produce tangible results.

Otherwise, the Anglo-Saxon alliance will draw a new map of the Middle East, which will fray at the edges.

Ünver Sel,

Chairman of Federation of Crimean Tatar Cultural Associations

Chairman of Crimean Development Foundation

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