The Story of Maria Koroleva: Medieval Methods of Torture In “Civilised” Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The ordinary Ukrainian Maria Koroleva described the tortures that she endured whilst in the captivity of the military of her own country.

The leadership of Ukraine likes to publicly state that their country is democratic and a truly European State. At the same time the internal situation there is absolutely different, which the data of various statisticians and revelations of Ukrainians themselves confirms.

In their strive for personal enrichment, the Kiev officials are capable of many things, even of war against their own people in the East of the country. The simple inhabitant of Donbass Maria Koroleva described the not so “European” methods of the Ukrainian militants, who tortured her, her husband, and friends for connections with militiamen. She described her story to the correspondents of “Izvestia”.

Maria Koroleva lived on the territory of the city Krasnoarmeysk of the Donetsk region, which in 2016, within the framework of Ukrainian “decommunization”, was renamed Pokrovsk.

She wasn’t a supporter of the Kiev regime, which came to power after a State coup, so the Ukrainian militants arrested her on suspicion of having connections with the militia of Donbass. According to Koroleva, who at the time of detention was 42 years old, fighters of the “Dnieper” battalion broke into her house:

“I was dragged out into the corridor as I was, I was beaten, a bag was put on my head, and I was taken away to a car depot. As it became clear later, my husband was also”.

According to the victim, due to her unwillingness to confess what was being pinned on her by the Ukrainian military, she was repeatedly subjected to beatings.

“If I didn’t answer in the way that they wanted  — they immediately beat me. And then filmed it on video – how you are beaten, insulted by choice words”.

At this time Koroleva admitted that she was lucky because others relatives and acquaintances were subjected to other, more sophisticated tortures. So, for example, they broke her husband’s ribs, and then hung him for several days on a rack, pouring water into his mouth through a funnel.

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It was much more worse for her friend Oksana, who was one of the very first to be detained, and allegedly on the denouncement of which others were arrested. She was undressed and caged, and given only one cup for her needs and to drink. She was forced to do all of this being surrounded by soldiers. When she absolutely weakened, they staged violent acts of a sexual character towards her by means of a baseball bat.

“When we met each other during a medical examination before arrest, there was no place that hadn’t been damaged — just a black body and clotted blood”.

Maria Koroleva stated that the most cruel among the Ukrainian military and their supporters were the members of “Right Sector”. They, during tortures and humiliations of their prisoners, appeared to be the most active. They forced those they beat to sing the Ukrainian anthem and nationalist chants. They forced those who refused to do it to dig graves for themselves.

Eventually the woman managed to leave captivity thanks to the program of prisoner exchange, after which she definitively settled in the DPR.

All of this hardly sits in the framework of a civilized society. Especially considering the fact that tortures as such are forbidden in almost States of the world. And in this case even with the non-stop excuses about “wartime” the Ukrainian power won’t be able to justify itself. Because tortures during war are forbidden by the Geneva convention.

The UN resolutions forbids methods that the Kiev forces allows themselves to use, however nobody up to now was punished for this. Kiev allows itself too much, and continues war against their own compatriots, not even shying away from using tortures against them. “Independent” Ukraine allows itself too much in a lot of things, but such crimes against humanity, even the interested West won’t be able to endure….

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