Summary: 8 Years Ago on This Day, August 14, 2014 in the DPR

NEW – August 14, 2022

Let’s remember what happened exactly 8 years ago on this day, August 14, 2014 in the DPR.

  • 15 people were killed in Zugres as a result of shelling, 3 of them children;
  • In Donetsk, as a result of the shelling of the centre, 5 people were killed today, more than 10 were injured;
  • As of 9.30 the situation in the city remains tense. Public transport and utilities are operating normally.
  • The city of Mospino was subjected to the strongest shelling, a lot of destruction, we are specifying the victims;
  • The shelling of the Budenovsky district of Donetsk continues, there is a lot of destruction, we are clarifying the victims;
  • In the Petrovsky district, more than 3,000 residents are not connected to the electricity supply, de-energised on the night of August 12-13 as a result of shelling. In addition, more than 10,000 residents of the Tekstilshchik micro-district received light. In the Kuibyshevsky district, residents of the residential districts “Ploshchadka” and “Adminposelok” are not connected to the power supply. More than 1,000 houses of the private sector of the Abakumov micro-district and residents of three multi-storey houses in the village of Grabari in the Kuibyshevsky district remain de-energised;
  • Today, repair and restoration teams of “Donetskgorgaz” work in almost all districts of the city;
  • Near Ilovaisk, all “Right Sector” militants who, unfortunately, had a deployment there were destroyed. Only 2 days ago there were hundreds of “200s” [dead soldiers – SZ], with the past days the total number of fascist corpses has grown considerably – as we know, Dogs are not taken prisoners, just as SS punishers were not taken in the Second World War;
  • Kiev continues the transfer of mechanised units to combat operation sites, but not always successfully;
  • The activation of enemy aircraft is again observed in the sky of the DPR;
  • At 11:50 the UAF fired at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk and Makeyevka, strikes were allegedly inflicted from the side of Mospino;
  • At 12:00 UAF aviation carried out an air strike on Khartsyzsk with forces up to half a squadron;
  • The battle was going on tonight near the Ukrainian checkpoint “Marinovka”, the Russian customs officers of the adjacent post were evacuated. In addition, the Ukrainian checkpoint “Novoazovsk” was suspended from 00.30 to 6.30.
  • Massive artillery shelling of residential quarters of the Petrovsky and Voroshilovsky districts of Donetsk continued. The number of civilian casualties in the city has increased significantly.
  • During the day, the militia forces successfully repelled the offensive of the enemy many times outnumbered in the Enakiyevo area. The attacks of Ukrainian security forces, numbering up to a company tactical group, on the settlements of Khartsyzsk and Zugres were repulsed. The enemy retreated from Miusinsk;
  • During the defence of Ilovaisk, a self–propelled artillery installation, 2 combat vehicles and an enemy KAMAZ were destroyed, in the area of Maryinka – one self-propelled artillery installation and a mortar crew;
  • The militia forces also repelled the offensive of the punishers on the settlement of Peski, Faschevka was liberated;
  • There is information about the capture of the village of Bulavinskoye by the UAF (between Enakiyevo and Debaltsevo). Enakiyevo itself is constantly being shelled. In other directions – the militia counterattacks;
  • Now there are heavy battles at Enakiyevo, and the UAF continue shelling the city. The militia counterattacks from Gorlovka. Enemy aircraft are in the sky. The situation is very difficult;
  • The counteroffensive of the militia near Krasny Luch is successfully underway;
  • The UAF reported that the troops of the junta were covered from the shells of BM-21 “Grad” at the settlement of Novoivanovka (the occupied part of the DPR south of Amvrosievka), Ukrainian troops who arrived for reinforcements in the specified locality also came under attack;
  • There – in Novoivanovka there were nationalist brigades and a “Krivbass” battalion of mercenaries (reinforced with armoured vehicles and with crews and reconnaissance of the 17th tank brigade). Since August, they have lost 4 APCs, but one has been restored. I hope they have many times more losses today.
  • The UAF found American plastic magazines for AK AKPMAG from the company Magpul.
  • There were rumours about the supply of tanks to Ukraine from Hungary;
  • 5 minutes ago, two loud explosions were heard in the centre of Donetsk. I do not exclude that the hits are somewhere in the centre. We will check;
  • The city of Ilovaisk was finally unblocked. The enemy tried to take it, surrounded it, but they found themselves surrounded;
  • In the battles in the district of the settlement of Grabskoye, the enemy used heavy weapons – either “Tochka-U” or “Smerch” – the same crater with a depth of 8 m was formed, as in Shakhtersk. In the same place in Grabskoye, the enemy lost 130 infantry yesterday. According to our information, among this infantry was the so-called “Black Hundred”, where, according to Ukrainian prisoners of war, Yarosh‘s brother fought;
  • There were also battles in other sectors of the front. The enemy is now suffering losses in manpower and equipment. They failed to turn the situation in their favour, they failed to make a dash for Donetsk. We are holding on quite confidently now;
  • The Ukrainian army does not stop artillery strikes on Donetsk. The fire fell on one of the busiest areas. So the shells hit a residential building on 58-a Artyom Street, the 5th Children’s City Hospital, the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Green Plaza” and the building of the City Prosecutor’s Office. It is reliably known about one deceased, the shelling caught them at the intersection of the streets of the 25th anniversary of the Red Army and Artyom. It is also reported about five victims, all of them are receiving medical assistance;
  • Near Ilovaisk, the militia successfully repulsed 2 tank attacks. The enemy was pushed back.
  • It was quiet near Shakhtersk, there are fights in Snezhnoye. Clashes continue near Yasinovataya. “Grad” and mortars are bombing Gorlovka, including the chemical giant – the Styrol plant. Gorlovka militia units are regrouping;
  • During the massive shelling by the DPR army, the enemy was pushed out of the city of Yasinovataya and suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment;
  • All night in Donetsk, Ukrainian aggressors and militia exchanged artillery strikes. Representatives of the self-defence forces attacked the Donetsk airport, the building of which is under the control of the Ukrainian occupiers. In turn, the Ukrainian punishers struck at the Budyonnovsky, Leninsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky districts of Donetsk;
  • Gladkovka was bombed by Grad. Everything is on fire, more than 10 private houses have been destroyed, a gas pipeline and power lines have been damaged. While there is no information about the victims, firefighters are extinguishing;
  • The militia and the Ukrainian military exchanged prisoners. The guys have already been exchanged, they are being taken to the Regional State Administration now, they have exchanged our 26 for 26. Then they will all be released to their homes;
  • Photos from the militia drone. The operation to identify the UAF battery led to an interesting result. Not far from Snezhnoye we found such a funny picture. This is how brave nazis hide equipment among residential buildings in order to avoid its destruction by militia artillery. The photo shows “Grad”, “Smerch” and even “Tochka-U”. You can’t hide anything from us!
  • An attack of UAF Grads on Donetsk from the south at 22:02. Judging by the appearance, either incendiary or phosphorous shells, a wide area is burning;
  • 22:05 another Grad volley into the same area, everything is in flames…

Daniil Bezsonov

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