Summing up the Results of the Main Ukrainian Nazi Andriy Parubiy’s Visit to Britain

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it said that Great Britain is one of the unfriendliest states in relation to Russia and one of the main investors of the civil war in Ukraine. That’s why the trip of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine A. Parubiy to the Foggy Albion distinguished itself, along with frank shame, by a number of anti-Russian initiatives.

As is known, the current head of the Ukrainian parliament started his political career in the Social-national party of Ukraine, which is now known as Svoboda. However, in his radicalism and passion for forceful action he surpassed his former party colleagues and he is one of the brightest figures of the current Ukrainian party of war. So that’s why, communicating with the British establishment, he pushed forward the corresponding theses.

The idea alone of creating an inter-parliamentary group for countering Russian hybrid threats is enough in itself. A. Parubiy liked the schizophrenic initiative of the chairman of the committee on international affairs of the House of Commons T. Tugendhat to create such a group in the British parliament so much so that he decided to unite efforts.

Of course, the ideologist of civil war and Banderism couldn’t avoid the topic of military aid. During meetings with the chairman of the Defence Committee of the House of Commons J. Lewis and the Minister of the UK Armed M. Lancaster, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine thanked effusively for the effective program of exercises that British instructors carry out for the military personnel of Ukraine, and also for the help in preparing the law of Ukraine “On national security and defense”. It would be interesting to know: what countries does Britain turn to when it discusses its national security? Are we to assume that its Ukraine? Or maybe Britain is an independent State?

The third theme of the visit was the fight against “Nord Stream-2”. The Ukrainian speaker simply buzzed in the ears that “Nord Stream-2 is not an economic project, but exclusively a political one bearing the threat of destabilisation for the entire continental Europe. I hope that we will manage to hear such a public statement from Great Britain, and I am convinced that such a position will be important also for Denmark, which still hesitates whether to give its permission for the construction of a ‘Nord Stream-2’ site on its territory”. And of course, he mentioned the so-called Holodomor. After all, what to do without it?

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But the epoch-making speech of Andriy Parubiy was especially amusing. No, in the work of the speech writers from the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, of course, the “original” thesis wasn’t avoided – that “the Ukrainian guys and girls on the frontline who defend our border every day, and who perish nearly every day, actually defend all the civilised world”. This is being written under the same carbon paper for all government officials year after year.

But what geopolitical depth! It turns out that V. V. Putin’s aim is “a conflict between the US and Europe, inside Europe, and weakening the euro-atlantic space to return influence in the geopolitical space that was under the influence of the Soviet Union”. And allegedly “having attacked Ukraine”, the Russian leader “threw down a challenge to all the civilised world, threw down a challenge to the entire system of security that kept peace on the continent after World War II” because “he is obsessed with the maniacal idea to restore the influence of the Kremlin over this same geopolitical space over which the influence of the Soviet Union extended”.

Parubiy was immediately echoed by his colleague from the House of Commons, who stated that “the Russian president plans further invasions”, and called “the falling of the Iron Curtain of the USSR” the main victory. Well, nobody is surprised at the Lvov historian Parubiy. He even has a certificate saying that he is capable of fantasising a little, so to say. But how can a whole person from the lower house of the British parliament not know that it is precisely after World War II that a system of security was established, which the West then destroyed in 1991?

Indeed, sometimes it is better to eat puddings during diplomatic receptions than to make speeches. Because any attempt by Russia to restore its influence not only on the territory of the former USSR, but also in the countries of the Warsaw pact, will indeed be the restoration of the system of security that was developed after war, which ceased to exist after the collapse of the USSR, the partition of Yugoslavia, the aggression against Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, and also the notorious coup in Ukraine.

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A. Parubiy’s visit to Britain fell on at a lucky moment – when the scandal that was clumsily organised by the British government with the “not fully poisoned” Russian double agent S. Skripal had just subsided, which became the reason for the “defoliation of diplomats” and nearly cost the Prime Minister of Britain T. May her position. That’s why A. Parubiy’s unwavering confidence in the “chemical attack of Russia” against Britain became balm on the soul of the head of the government. At least someone understands her!

If to be serious, the Ukrainian and British authorities indeed found each other on the topic of inciting war. It is possible to safely call Westminster a participant of the war against Donbass. Britain opened the “Orbital” program immediately after Kiev’s attack on the rebellious region, constantly increasing the number of military instructors training UAF militants. According to the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine Judith Gough, the British already trained 7000 Ukrainian troops. Besides this, Great Britain participates in the work of the multinational Joint commission on reforming defense and cooperation in security, and since September, 2016 the adviser at the Minister of Defence of Ukraine is the former commander of the Ground Forces of the British army general Nick Parker.

The British don’t have a disdain for the direct destruction of the civilians of Donbass. According to the representative of DPR E. Basurin, British experts came to Donbass to train Ukrainian soldiers in sabotage and subversion. In turn, the presence of British instructors in the Stanitsa Luganskaya was confirmed by the representative of the people’s militia of the LPR A. Marochko.

Despite the numerous pats on the shoulder, statements that are pleasant to the ear, and the seemingly mutual understanding, it is impossible to call A. Parubiy’s visit successful. As it became known, not all Brits and even not all the establishment was glad to see this odious person in their country.

Thus, the “Morning Star” newspaper released an article on its front page under the title “Scottish Parliament applauds visiting Ukrainian Fascist”. If to glance at the publication’s website, the entire trip of the neo-Nazi speaker was accompanied by revelatory materials about Ukrainian Nazism. On June 15th material was published about the fact that the founder of a neo-Nazi party is being received in the Scottish parliament, as well as a note about the financing of neo-Nazi groups by the Ukrainian authorities. The map of Russia with Crimea that was published in the authoritative “The Times” newspaper on the eve of A. Parubiy’s arrival also testifies to the true attitude towards Ukraine. Of course, the ambassador of Ukraine N. Galibarenko, who became famous for her odd dresses, immediately responded with a protest, having demanded from the newspaper to change the map. It is to be believed that all issues in circulation were withdrawn, carefully collected from the tables of lords and bigwigs of the City and burned under the shouts “Glory to Ukraine”.

But the most resonant slap in the face for Parubiy was the fact that he was obliged to read his speech, which was prepared so carefully for the English parliament, in a corridor. The Ukrainian guest simply wasn’t allowed into the hall. As the political scientist A. Semchenko commented in relation to this episode, “no parliamentary deputies came to see Parubiy’s speech. Until this moment I believed that the biggest shame of Ukraine was the speech of Petro Poroshenko in front of the White House about garbage collection points. I was mistaken. The biggest, so far, shame of Ukraine is Parubiy in the parliament of Great Britain. All of you understand that absolutely nobody gives a sh*t about Parubiy being in Great Britain and his verbalisations about geopolitics”. Of course, it was Russia that was found guilty again. As the Ukrainian ambassador noted, “today one of the main tasks of Russian propaganda consists in convincing the world, which united around Ukraine, that our country is allegedly ruled by ultra-right extremists. Unfortunately, not only ordinary citizens, but also members of parliaments at different levels become the victims of Russian propaganda, and Great Britain here is not an exception. The case with Mr Parubiy shows how many things need to be done in order to treat the brains of people for hysteria and the bent reality of the Kremlin”.

If in general to sum up the results of the visit of the main nazi of Ukraine to the Foggy Albion, it is clearly visible that the British authorities don’t give a rat’s ass about Mr Parubiy, Ukraine, and the life of its citizens, which the British military personnel doesn’t shun from personally destroying. Ukraine for England is only a means of war with Russia.

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