Giulietto Chiesa – Food & Water Supplies in Germany: “It’s Not for a Russian Attack”

Translated by Marco Aurelio Di Giorgio


Supplies of at least 2 litres of water for five days and of food for ten. But also “measures” for defense and consolidation of buildings, other than signalling alarm systems for the population. These are some of the contents of the 69-page-long Fas ‘civil defense’ plan, which will be launched today, 24th of August, by the German government. IntelligoNews has spoken about this with the journalist Giulietto Chiesa…

Today Germany will present a plan in which it encourages the Germans to fetch provisions of food and water for at least seven days, motivating this with the generic eventuality of an attack, but without adding from whom. What would this be for you: fear of Putin in regards to the Ukraine case or of ISIS?

“Were they seriously thinking about an attack from Russia, they would be definitively demented. From which it would be best to watch ourselves in the future. Surely not having them as allies! In Genoa there’s a saying, when one hears something absurd: “me tucul se che sun” (“I touch myself to understand if I’m conscious”). If they fear an attack from ISIS these measures are useless. Substantially Merkel wants to frighten her subjects. To manipulate them however she wishes to at the first useful occasion.”

Do you find that the initiative of a government which encourages the population to provide itself with food and water supplies is forward-thinking?

“I already replied to the first question. A government which has misinformed its population in such a way should be kicked off its place by its electors. But I believe the Germans are a bit too dazed by the wealth they pilfered from the rest of Europe and think that the abundance will continue. Thus they’ll remain calm and let themselves be made fools of.”

Some people hypothesise the eve of the third world war not connected to ISIS as much as to the scenario of new geopolitical balances on the international scene. For you is it so, and if so, between who and who would be the conflict?

And who has the upper hand?

“Sadly the action of the West, lead by the United States, is dragging us towards conflict with Russia, with China and the rest of the seven billion inhabitants of the planet. The reason is just one, and it is simple: the United States are not able to understand that the XXI century can no longer be ‘American’. And they still think they are the center of the world, that they still have the upper hand. But they already don’t. Sadly they have in their hands the nuclear switch and the banks. With the former they can send us all to the creator (us Europeans first). With the latter they want to force Russia and China to surrender. But it’s like trying to drag an elephant with a tricycle.”

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