Surrendered Ukrainian Soldier: “It Turns Out I’m Defending the Nazis, Those Whom My Great-Grandfather Fought Against”

NEW – June 1, 2022

Main pic: Red Army Memorial, in Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw

As promised, we show photos of the training of mobilised citizens of Ukraine before being sent to the “front”. Studying the statutes, posing with machine guns and having a snack than necessary.

Another excerpt from a night conversation with the commander of these fighters:

The answer to the question “How did you come to the decision to lay down your arms?” – it’s amazing to the point of insanity!

The fighter continued:

“…In the forest near the Yampol station, I saw a communal grave from the Second World War, although now it can be said as it is – the Great Patriotic War (it’s no longer scary that after these words guests from the SBU will arrive), the sign on it is very worn out, but you can see that the grave is being watched. So, on the sign there is an inscription – ‘No one is forgotten’. And now, in the forests near Liman, near Krasny Liman, I understand that everything is forgotten in our country …

You know, I am very ashamed now, ashamed in front of my great-grandfather, who died in the battles for the Krasny Liman in the winter of ’43. 79 years have passed, and now I’m lying in the trenches near Liman and it turns out that I’m defending the Nazis, defending those against whom my great-grandfather fought. In the battles against which the blood of millions of Ukrainians was shed to wipe these creatures off the face of the earth, but 79 years have passed, and we, the great-grandchildren of those Ukrainians, are now defending the Nazis. I lay there for a few days and thought about how we got to this point, how it was all erased from our history…

I look at my boys, and I don’t understand how we’ve been fooled all these years. How the exploits of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were erased from our memory. I still remember in elementary school we celebrated May 9, and then gradually began to call the war World War II and commemorate the day on May 8. At school, I didn’t attach any importance to this, teachers say – it means it should be so. And then they began to hold parades in memory of the ‘Heavenly Hundred‘ and dedicated to the heroes of the ATO. They hold and hold, did we understand a lot? And now I understand, I understand why and by whom all this was done…

In recent days, I remember my great-grandmother every night, I want to say a huge thank you to her for keeping photos of my great-grandfather and telling me about him. Then my grandmother kept them… And thanks to those people who are watching the communal grave in Yampol, looking at which something flashed in my heart and in my head, I hope everything fell into place. If I have the opportunity, I will definitely come there, I will say thank you to those soldiers that are buried there for the fact that they, it turns out, continue to fight fascist dishonesty even now…”

The fighter quieted down, and I thought. That is why in the Baltic countries and in Poland monuments in honour of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the liberators of Europe are like a bone in the throat!

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While they are standing, the memory of their exploits, heroism and self-sacrifice in the fight against fascism on earth lives.

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