A Survey on the Streets of Zaporozhye: “The War Was Unleashed by Turchynov”, “Poroshenko Should Go to Donetsk to Speak With Zakharchenko”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Zaporozhye website 061.ua [pro-Ukraine – ed] conducted a survey on the streets of Zaporozhye, during which the absolute majority of locals accused the Ukrainian authorities of continuing the war.

The residents were asked to answer the question “Who started the war in Donbass and what needs to be done in order to stop it”.

“Our government is to blame. I consider that back then it was possible to reach an agreement with the people. War can end if our government starts talking to Donbass,” said the first respondent.

“Who is guilty? I can tell you immediately — Turchynov. He declared war. In order for it to end, Poroshenko must arrive to Donetsk and talk to Zakharchenko,” considers another resident.

“Ukraine and the Ukrainian government, because they were the first to drive tanks there, and created differentiation. And the people there do not want to live neither in Russia nor with us. They want to be separate. Separate from them and forget — and there will be no war,” stated one more respondent.

“We are guilty because we let it happen. If you walked around with a microphone less, such things wouldn’t happen,” said a young man, who refused to continue the conversation further.

The following respondents said that Russia and Ukraine need to reach an agreement. The man then declared that Poroshenko is to blame, because he “conducts such an ignorant policy”, while the President earns money on blood, turning from a millionaire into a billionaire. Also he believes that with this “top” [brass – ed] the war will continue.

“Putin defends his interests, he defends his country. Putin is Putin. I have views concerning his policies, but, unfortunately, in this country it is impossible to speak about it, because there can be repression,” added the man.

The Ukrainian language is heard only at the end of the survey.

“The results can seem frightening, but it is important to understand the objective picture of the moods in the city. It is impossible to say that this survey accurately reflects the attitude of Zaporozhye residents, since it is only two dozen of about 700,000 people living in our city. But the approximate state of affairs can be evaluated,” said the website, summarising the results of the survey.

[It should be noted that some respondents did blame Russia, but this is to be expected taking into account the millions of dollars the junta in Kiev spends on propaganda and the lack of any alternative point of view. What wasn’t expected was the open criticism of Poroshenko, which, considering the aggression of the SBU towards “dissidents”, is brave to say the least.]

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