Surviving “Azov” Militants Confirm Missile Attack on Elenovka Prison

NEW – August 10, 2022

Yesterday, representatives of foreign public organisations and journalists were shown colony 120 near Elenovka. “Azov” members were killed there.

The meeting was organised by Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Commission on International Relations. Everything passed in one day – quickly and efficiently. The guests flew out of Moscow in the morning, and returned to it in the evening.

At about 11 o’clock in the afternoon, together with the journalists who arrived and the foreigners who arrived, in the company of special forces and the very beautiful Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR Nataliya Nikanorova, Leonid Slutsky proceeded to the territory of the colony.

Despite the heat, the representative of the legislative power of Russia observed a strict dress code – a jacket and tie. The young Donetsk Republic looked national – the Foreign Minister was wearing a T-shirt with a brief political program: “For the liberation and reunification of Donbass”.

With liberation it is clear from whom and reunification it is clear with whom.

The guests were from the most diverse and colorful countries: Italy, Germany, Serbia, Nicaragua, Serbia, Syria. North Korea was also represented by two comrades – in light of the recognition of one People’s Republic (Korea) by another People’s Republic (Donetsk), this is not surprising.

A small press conference was held directly in the burnt-out room where the prisoners of “Azov” were kept.

Now to the point. Neither the exterior nor the interior of the barracks allow us to doubt that the blow was inflicted from the outside, and not from the inside, as the Ukrainian Goebbels insist. The missile broke through the roof and exploded inside. The walls survived, as they consisted of massive concrete blocks. But the inner gate was blown out by the blast wave. Everything was burned inside the room – it’s possible to see the burnt bunks in two tiers.

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People burned and died – 47 died on the spot and 4 are already in the hospital. 72 people were injured – this was the official information given to those present. Also, journalists and guests were presented with fragments from the HIMARS rocket found at the crime scene.

And logically, the death of the “Azov” militants in the colony was beneficial only to one side – Ukraine. Although where is the logic and where is the crazy Ukrainian propaganda.

“The prisoners (neo–nazis), no matter what crimes they committed, should have been subjected to an honest and fair tribunal,” Nataliya Nikanorova told the press.

For the assembled public, four “Azov” members who remained alive were also taken to the walking area. They confirmed the missile attack.

Of course, skeptics may object that they were intimidated by evil DPR reps. Yes, the prisoners were tense, as everyone would have been tense in their place and in their status, being brought out in front of a crowd of journalists.

But their speech didn’t sound like a lie – it’s impossible to rehearse a lie like that.

That’s what confused me. One prisoner was from Odessa, the other from the Kharkov region, the remaining two were from Mariupol and Zaporozhye, respectively.

Hell, they probably hardly speak Ukrainian either. Russian is clearly their native language. Scratch off the swastikas on them, and you won’t be able to tell them apart from ordinary Russian guys.

But one can’t erase swastikas.

Nor will it be possible to forget the crimes they committed.

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See the evidence of “Azov” and what, as a rule, remains behind the scenes of the official media in a special report in the backstage style:

P.S. Another Elenovka colony was visited by Steven Seagal. His appearance was quite unexpected for the uninitiated. But it was not possible to communicate and film the idol of 90s Russian video salons, in the company of his bodyguards, Seagal kept himself apart.

Dmitry Seleznev

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