Suspect Arrested in Italy in the Murder of Photojournalist Andrea Rocchelli in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In Italy a suspect was arrested in the murder of the press photographer Andrea Rocchelli, who together with a Russian translator died in Donbass in 2014, writes the Il Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The young man of Italian-Ukrainian origin, who, as the publication notes, arrived in Ukraine in 2013 to participate in “clases on Maidan”, is the alleged offender. After that he entered a voluntary battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine and went to fight in Donbass.

The man was arrested on Friday in Bologna.

In May, 2014, near Slavyansk, in the village of Andreevka, as a result of a mortar attack the Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli and his translator, the citizen of Russia Andrey Mironov were killed. Later the investigation found that the Italian reporter who was filming a documentary about the events in Donbass was shelled intentionally.

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