“Svoboda” Declared the Tragedy of May 2nd as the Day of Liberation of Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson



According to radicals, May 2nd should be noted as a holiday, but not to remember the tragedy in the Trade Unions Building. Such a statement was made by the press service of Svoboda.

“The tendency of supporters of the Kremlin on the third anniversary of events on May 2nd in Odessa to call the result of clashes between pro-Ukrainian activists and radical a tragedy remains,” it is noted in the statement.

According to nationalists, for Ukrainians this day is the “day of liberation of Odessa from Moscow occupiers”.

“May 2nd, 2014, is the day of​​ the beginning of a serious fight against the fifth column of the Kremlin in Ukraine, but the fight isn’t yet finished. We must continue to cleanse the city from the Moscow evil spirits and start fighting against the Odessa City Council,” it is said in the statement of “Svoboda members”.

After the change of power in Ukraine the activists of Anti-Maidan supporting federalization in the country in protest set up camp on Kulikovo Field in Odessa. In the afternoon of May 2nd, 2014, near Grecheskaya Square collisions began between activists of Anti-Maidan on the one hand, and football “ultras” from Kharkov and Odessa, and also radicals of “Euromaidan” on the other. Later the ultras and radicals destroyed the tent town and set fire to the Trade Unions Building in which supporters of federalization took refuge. 48 people became victims of the conflict, more than 250 were injured.

Those responsible for the tragedy still haven’t been punished. UN officials repeatedly point to a lack of progress in the investigation of the events on May 2nd, 2014. The Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions Christof Heyns, after a visit to Ukraine stated that the majority of evidence on the commission of crimes during protest actions on Maidan and in the Odessa Trade Unions Building in Odessa was destroyed. On February 5th, relatives of the dead in the Trade Unions Building received a reply from the European Court of Human Rights: their claim about the inaction of the authorities concerning an investigation of the tragedy was accepted into operation.

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