“Svoboda” Militant Nazar Chepka Pathetically Blamed the Russian Language for the UAF’s Defeat in the Ilovaisk Cauldron

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



At the Lvov forum “For the Ukrainian language” the ATO militant and member of the nationalist Svoboda party Nazar Chepka came to the conclusion that Ukrainian soldiers died in the Ilovaisk cauldron because the army commanders gave orders in the Russian language.

According to him, the enemy of Ukrainian soldiers heard and understood all orders, which is why it acted preemptively.


“One of the biggest cauldrons is the ‘Ilovaisk cauldron’, where Ukrainian troops were killed by professional Russian soldiers. And it is strange – in a several days there were about 1,000 killed.

And do you know why this is so? Because when pseudo-Ukrainian, and in fact Soviet, commanders gave commands to Ukrainian soldiers, they gave them in the dog’s language. And radio sets were wiretapped. And there, where our guys were supposed to go or where the column had to arrive, the crosshairs of the Russian artillery were already aimed there.

This is the Russian language … the war had just began and there were about 1,000 killed in several days. This is trifles – language, but it is precisely this that killed them,” said Chepka.

1. The fact that the commanders, according to Chepka, spoke Russian is indicative in itself. I.e., they simply spoke their native language, and not the one imported from Galicia.

2. Both the UAF soldiers who survived the Ilovaisk cauldron and those who have fought in Donbass in general blame Kiev for the loss and demand an investigation concerning the criminal orders given by the likes of Viktor Muzhenko, Aleksandr Turchynov, and Stepan Poltorak.

3. What Mr Chepka says doesn’t even make sense, since any Russian eavesdropping on UAF communications would be able to understand what is said whether it be in the Ukrainian or Russian language.

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