Swastika on UAF Soldier’s Helmet – a Banal Sight on Ukrainian TV

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Michailov Michail

A wonderful video, simply a masterpiece of Ukrainian propaganda. UAF soldiers go through the village and describe to the correspondent of the 24th channel how badly the “terrorists” behave, allegedly shelling glorious “warriors of light” who came to the land of Donbass to liberate the citizens from the domination of evil Vatniks. Everything goes like clockwork, the bang bang in the background, tired “heroes”, and so on.

It goes like clockwork, exactly to the time stamp 1 minute 4 seconds. Until the moment a “warrior of light” named “Henrikh”(!), in a mask with a skull and a hand-drawn swastika on his helmet appears close up on the screen. And here it becomes immediately clear exactly what these warriors brought to the land of Donbass. At this moment the unforgettable Minister of Culture Evgeny Nishchuk and his famous speech on genetically defective people of the South-East of Ukraine, and the social-nationalist Parubiy, who is now occupying one of the highest positions in Ukraine, immediately spring to mind.

These “ordinary guys” with swastikas and nicknames of the German kind brought to Donbass death and destruction. And nothing else. And Ukrainian TV even didn’t bother to cut the Nazi from their plot, or at least to retouch the swastika on the helmet. Simply because they consider it as normal.


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