Swedish Sniper Of “Azov” Boasted in Europe About Murdering Russians

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Swedish sniper from the Azov battalion Mikael Skillt spoke about how he boasted about murdering Russians in Europe, and how it helped him…

He stated this in an interview to “Narodnaya Pravda”.

“Do you meet Russians during your travels?”

“As luck would have it! I already met several of them.. how are they called? Oh yes, vatniks. One of them — a woman on the plane. We flew by Ukrainian airlines, and this lady was sat opposite. She asked something, I answered in Russian as I could, conversation started. She, I don’t know why, probably thought that I am also a vatnik. She started to say that Russians all the same will kill all Ukrainians. I lifted the sleeves of my shirt and showed her the tattoos of ‘Azov’, and said that I killed Russians. The woman begun to shout, demanding from the stewardess to move her to another place, that I am going to kill her. But in the end everything ended with the fact that I was transferred to business class. I was content,” said the Swede.

It is in this way that he commented on the question of whether he meets Russians during his trips to Europe. Skillt stated that recently I was in Sweden.

In the same interview the Swedish citizen once again confessed to murders in Donbass.

Mikael Skillt is a sniper of the Azov battalion, a former colleague of Nazis from the Ukrainian ultra-right C14 group, the members of which are suspected of murdering the publicist Oles Buzina. He participated in the capture of the office of the Communist Party of Ukraine after the victory of Maidan.

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Skillt willingly gives interviews about his participation in the military conflict in Donbass. Despite this and also the recognition of murders during the conflict in Donbass, the law enforcement bodies of Sweden don’t pursue Skillt.

Meanwhile in “equally-as-democratic” Britain, the non-combatant in the war in Donbass Benjamin Stimson was given a five-year prison sentence, whilst the terrorist-mercenary Kieran Ashley Walsh, who travelled to Ukraine as a British Army serviceman, remains without any punishment whatsoever. Clearly the Ukrainian lobbies have a long arm…

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