“Switch to Ukrainian or Resign”: Kiev’s Ultimatum to Directors of Schools in the Kherson Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In Kherson it is wanted to dismiss the Directors of three schools who refused to completely switch to the Ukrainian language. This was reported by the local “Grivna” publication.

Thus, according to the head of department of education of the Kherson region Evgeny Krinitsky, schools No. 45, 50, and 30 refused to switch to teaching in the Ukrainian language.

In turn, the member of Executive Committee of the Kherson City Council Ivan Lopushinsky said that the Directors of schools refusing to switch to the Ukrainian language need to be dismissed.

“He suggested to invite to the next meeting the chief of the municipal government for education Yury Nikonov and the Directors of schools ‘who sabotage the law’, and to terminate their contracts,” it is said in article.

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