“Switch to Ukrainian”: Shocking Video Advocates Killing Russian-Speakers

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Elena Lukash

The publisher’s description to the Ukrainian video below entitled “Our own. How the Ukrainian language saves lives”, is as follows:

“Our new video is called “Our own”. The story that formed the basis of this movie happened to the fighter of the “Artemovsk” battalion in the spring of 2015. We will not reveal the details – what really saved the lives of our brothers in arms, but we decided that the 9th of November – Day of the Ukrainian Language – is the best day to share this story with you, in order to understand who they are. “Our own” – watch the video.”

This video is clearly shocking anti-Russian propaganda, in which Russians are represented as the main enemy, who can and must be killed. Elena Lukash‘s reaction can also be seen below.

We were divided into “ours” and “theirs”.
How can they recognize who is who? – By conversation.
“Theirs” speak the Ukrainian language.
Russian-speaking is an “stranger”, enemy.
He can and must be killed.
Did I understand the video correctly?
I’m shocked.

If the Enemy Really Existed, There Wouldn’t Be a Need to Insist on Its Existence


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