Syrians Thanked Russia, Its Air Force, and Its Diplomats for Their Contribution to the Fight Against Terrorism

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The special correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) conducted a survey among the residents of western Syria and learned their opinion concerning the role of Russia in the course of resolving the conflict in their country, and also the further development of the relations between Moscow and Damascus. Syrians expressed profound gratitude to the Russian Federation, having also noted the work of certain Russian politicians.

The majority of inhabitants emphasised that after Russia’s intervention in the conflict they could finally believe in the possibility the Arab republic having a future. Now, despite even the threats coming from some external players trying to weaken Syria, they feel safe since they know that friends from the Russian Federation won’t leave them in trouble:

“We express huge gratitude to the Russian people and Putin. Many thanks to those forces that help our soldiers on all fronts, it gives us the feeling of safety. It pleases us that there is such a strong country that gives help to the States needing it. We once again thank everyone, although no matter how much we say thank you, it will never be enough to account for the entire volume of help that we received from the Russian Federation,” one local resident declared.

Some Syrians also noted that Russia gives its full support to their country: not only the Air Force of the Russian Federation directly helps them on the battlefield against terrorist groups, but also Russian diplomats deflect the blows of the western politicians who launched a whole information campaign against their President Bashar al-Assad and the entire government of Syria. Concerning this front of the conflict the residents of Syria especially noted the work of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov and the official speaker of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova.

“I always watch the news, and I see that every time when we are attacked by western politicians, Russia defends us. If this country promises something, it always carries it out in full. In his work Sergey Lavrov leans on old-school politics, and I think that this is one of the secrets of his success,” assumed the girl participating in the interview.

Our interlocutors also noted that Russia is the only participant of the conflict who fights for human rights and for the right of the sovereign country to be independent. The United States, meanwhile, according to most Syrians, only pretends to fight against terrorism — in reality it kindles the conflict in favour of its own interests.

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