Tail Part of “Non-Existent” Ukrainian BUK Fell in Makeevka

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




On the evening of 31/1/2017,the tail part of a rocket from a Buk fired by the UAF from the suburbs of Avdeevka landed on the inhabited sector of Makeevka.

Part of the rocket fell directly near the yard of a private house and started to burn.

The staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations who arrived to the scene after being called from locals extinguished the tail part.

At what target the Ukrainian air defense system was aimed at, which, according to statements of Ukraine, is not present in the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”, and which, because of alleged absence on the front line, couldn’t bring down a Malaysian “Boeing”?

The target of Ukrainian air defences was the large UAV of the OSCE observation mission that was recording the facts of genocide of civilians of Donbass, and by this seriously preventing the UAF from executing the criminal orders of the Kiev authorities.

Let’s look how Ukraine will comment on the existence of the notorious Buk system near Avdeevka, which, as is claimed by Kiev, isn’t in Donbass.


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