The Takeaway Message From Kurt Volker’s “Crippled US-Russia Relations” Statement

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The West will never stop ramming Russia until it understands that this is fraught with big trouble.

As is known, regular talk on the Ukrainian topic in America is today entrusted to the special representative vis-a-vis this country Kurt Volker. And what is said by this prejudiced character, who even looks into binoculars with only one eye, to put it mildly, doesn’t inspire optimism. The US, judging by his statements, seized Ukraine with a death grip, and isn’t at all going to return what they already consider to be theirs.

So, on this occasion too, Volker wasn’t encouraging at all concerning this topic. Although, at the beginning he introduced a reasonable idea – that Russian-American relations, with all their importance, “can be crippled by this problem in Ukraine”.

It would seem that it is a sensible approach! If the Ukrainian problem is so critical that it can cripple relations between two nuclear superpowers, then, according to the logic of things, it would be worth looking narrowly and more attentively at the primary source of this problem and to take adequate measures for its neutralization.

And here someone should recognize with all definiteness that without America events in Ukraine wouldn’t have happened. And in general — the current Ukrainian nightmare would have never happened if these transatlantic bacilli carriers of democracy didn’t decide to stage a grandiose coup here.

Ukraine, before the coup arranged with local criminals on American money (5 billion “bucks” – according to Victoria Nuland’s testimony), was quite a peaceful, quiet, and well-behaved country, in which there weren’t not only any “terrorists” and “separatists”, but even anything bearing a faint resemblance to the prerequisites for this exemplary mess that was made by the specially-employed artel of Galician “revolutionaries”.

Yes, here people lived without special luxury; yes, officials, like everywhere in the world, including in the same America, impudently stole. But to blow up their country, and to place a stake on everything in general, including their own existence, Ukrainian people – for the reasons just stated – definitely didn’t have such moods. Even at the boiling point of the so-called “euro-revolution” people, for the most part, were sitting at home and observed on TV how a bunch of employed-on-the-cheap clowns pretend on Maidan to represent all of Ukraine.

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Generally – without the most active and biased intervention of western, mainly American “well-wishers”, such a thing couldn’t happen in Ukraine at all. And, of course, de facto political outsiders and representatives of the quite marginal Galician-banderist minority would never be able to grab State power by force.

For this purpose there was a need for such levers of pressure on the lawful Ukrainian hierarchy, which the street chanters simply never had and never could have at their disposal. It was required to grab the gentle financial throat of the largest Ukrainian oligarchs, and even Yanukovych himself, who, as is said, is still involved in legal proceedings for the return of his billions stored because of his narrow-mindedness in a Swiss bank.

So America maximally “helped” Ukraine to go off the rails. And if there wasn’t the chimerical idea of Washington to massively sh*t on Russia in such a way (remember the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with her statement that the US under no circumstances will allow a new Soviet Union), Ukraine would continue to dangle between heaven and earth, i.e. between Russia and the West, without making any sharp and dangerous gestures.

But the rules of this game were violated in the most perfidious and fundamental way. The West, which became completely impudent, led by the US, tore Ukraine off from this median, intermediate, and quite equilibrium State, having organized a coup and brought to power the most punch-drunk haters of Russia.

Russia, in turn, tried to preserve the geopolitical stability of Ukraine, providing it with almost free financial aid. And in any case, its diplomats didn’t run to Kiev’s Maidan and didn’t feed local bandits with cookies, inciting them to overthrow the legitimate authority.

I.e. it is precisely the United States of America with its European helpers that is more-than-completely guilty of the fact that “Russian-American relations can be crippled by this problem in Ukraine”. It is what they wanted — to turn the quiet, provincial, placable, and rather safe Ukraine – where nobody even thought about killing somebody else, into a battlefield and a mass grave. And they did it. All the rest – collapse of the country, civil war, thousands of corpses – is nothing other than the inevitable consequences that naturally follow from the fact of an armed seizure of State power by a bunch of hired adventurers. It would be simply strange if all 40 million Ukrainian citizens amicably recognized as lawful the governance of the most real, moronic extremists.

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That’s why when such people as Volker speak about “crippled relations” with Russia, according to the laws of logic and simple common sense, they need to completely recognize what they did, to repent before an altar for their committed mortal sins, and to assume all responsibility for the reparation of the horror in Ukraine that was allowed and planned by them.

But what else did you expect! If they were decent and conscientious people, then they simply would never commit such a crime. That’s why today too, when it already took place, they, like criminals of all times and in all nations, resort to the usual tactics in such cases – they transfer all the blame for everything from a sick head [Ukraine – ed] to a sane head [Russia – ed] and very loudly shout “Keep hold of the thief!”

So the aforementioned Volker, in an orderly manner, performs the same standard act. “Our are ours, and concerning yours, we will speak later!” — such is the simple essence of this thieves’ diplomacy, within the framework of which there couldn’t even be talk about power in the whole country being stolen by an illegal regime of usurpers. However, for him it is possible to speak about Crimea and Donbass. Especially as at heart such an exchange quite suits the US, within the framework of which they will receive under their control a huge piece of the former Ukraine, while Russia – only a small part. And especially as the transfer of these territories to the Russian Federation will very much promote the transformation of the rest of Ukraine into an eternally embittered, maniacally Russophobic country, which is not just convenient for America, but also is its main task in the framework of the strategy of preventing the revival of a fully-fledged Russian-world State.

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That is why no Volkers of this world will ever recognize anything, but will instead persistently repetitively harp on about the “non-implementation of the Minsk Agreements by Russia” and more-than-transparently hint at deliveries to the Kiev regime of American lethal weapons in case of the “bad behavior” of Moscow.

The bandit-like raucousness of a hooligan who got used to wielding brass knuckles is the only logic available to them. And geopolitical philosophy is quietly exhausted by the well-known formula “You are guilty just because I want to eat”.

It is for this reason that a bandit is called a bandit, because, unlike a normal law-abiding citizen, they recognize and rely only on force. No complaints about legality or attempts to persuade in the style of “guys, let’s live in peace and friendship” affects this category of the population in principle. They understand only one thing – if in response to their ramming they receive jaw-breaking retaliation. Then their brain starts working in the correct direction and even recognizes that it is worth stopping to behave like a “buffalo” and to stupidly ram, and that it’s better to move on to normal negotiations before the opponent, heaven forbid, knocks their block off.

Today America obviously doesn’t see a reason for such a radical change in its behavior. And why should they if everything they do escapes punishment? It is precisely for this reason that the special representative to Ukraine continues to “lunge” at Russia, accusing it of all mortal sins. Of course, on this road there will not be any mutual understanding with Moscow. Putin is not somebody who can be frightened by a simple Finnish knife. But from the point of view of bandit logic it means only one thing — the need for a transition to stronger means. And it will continue like this while the bandits are sure that against their force nobody has a defence mechanism. And obviously nobody, besides Russia, is able to convince them that such a defence mechanism is a greater force.

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