The Tariff Disaster That Awaits Ukraine in the Spring

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya


Aleksandr Skubchenko

Spring. It will not bring anything good to Ukraine. We all have got used to bad things, but it will be even worse. The blockade of Donbass will lead to qualitative changes in relations between Ukraine and the LDPR starting from March 1st. On March 1st, the price of electricity went up as well. Since April, the price of gas will also increase. To make it clear: the cost of electricity takes up 70% of the tariff for cold water supply, the cost of gas and coal takes up about the same part in the tariff for electricity itself. That means, we are about to face the inevitable increase of all tariffs.

The tariff increase means inevitable price increases for all goods and services produced in Ukraine. In addition, the introduction of external management at the enterprises of the LDPR, which previously paid taxes in Ukraine, will lead to the fact that Ukraine will never see these taxes again. The reduction in tax revenues means an increase of the budget deficit and reducing of public funding, the inclusion of quantitate easing and inflation. Also, Ukraine will not see the foreign exchange earnings that these businesses gave: the negative trade balance will be just a hole. And this means an increase in the dollar, therefore all imported products in Ukraine will become even less affordable for the wallets of Ukrainians. Thus, Ukraine met this spring with such starting positions.

We can say thank you to Maidan and radicals of all stripes, who in addition to decommunization, discord, and Bandera gave nothing to the country and will not give anything either. And also to all those who, despite everything, are still for “Maidan”, “freedom”, “Glory to Ukraine”, “heroes”, and dignity. Thank you, guys. Thank you for the horrible present. And for the hope of a bright future without you. Because for another six months of your bullying of the country, and for “Glory to Ukraine”, Ukrainians will beat your faces.

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