Teenagers in Nikolaev Spat on the Eternal Flame and Warmed Their Feet on It

The group of teenagers fried bread to music on the Eternal Fire, and spat and warmed their feet.

A group of young people spat on, and heated their feet with, the Eternal Flame, which is located in a memorial and parking complex in the center of Nikolaev near the monument to 68 paratroopers. The corresponding video was posted on the “h.nikolav” page on Instagram.

In the video, a group of young people climbed the monument and started to warm their hands, and one of the guys started to spit on the flame.

One of the girls went on to bring a bun to the fire, to which another asked “what are we doing”. In response, one guy said “communists deserve it”. Afterwards one of the girls took off her shoes to raise her leg to the fire, while the other young people started to laugh at it.

Well, yes, these are the damned commies-occupiers because of which Ukraine today is not a part of Europe and does not drink Bavarian.

Miroslava Berdnik

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