Teenagers Wounded, Apartments Destroyed After Ukraine Shelled Gorlovka

NEW – July 8, 2022

As a result of the shelling of the Gorlovka “Solnechny” residential complex by the UAF on 6/56 Rogozin Street, an apartment was damaged, the glazing on the first floors was damaged. The building of the “First Republican Supermarket” was damaged at 12a Peresypkina Street. Behind the “Aleksandriya” stop in front of the bridge, the trolley cables have been ripped off. There were arrivals near the road.

The glazing at kindergarten No. 118 “Schastye” on 14 Peresypkina Street was damaged. At 6 Rogozin Street, 5th floor (apartment number is being specified) – a direct hit of a Ukrainian shell into the apartment.

The number of wounded civilians in the fifth quarter (residential complex “Solnechny”) increased to 11, including two teenagers.

The fifth quarter. Six wounded. One of them is a teenager.
A 13-year-old girl was injured at 33 Bessonov Street as a result of the aggression of the UAF. There is no forgiveness for bastards fighting against children.

Ivan Prikhodko (Mayor of Gorlovka)

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