Ten Social Media Accounts That Dealt the Strongest Blows to the Western Syria Propaganda Machine

By Ollie Richardson

To say that the Internet has affected and influenced the Syria war is an understatement to say the least. In fact, the NGOs of the US and allies would not have achieved what they did without the online presence of “Bana from Aleppo”, Hadi Alabdallah, Bilal Abdul Kareem, Ken Roth, Carol Malouf, Michael Weiss, Julian Roepcke, Charles Lister, etc… Collectively, these advocates of terrorism became the core of a spearheaded attack against any force that refused to accept the prescribed fate of Syria – “Assad out” plus partition. Shaping minds and hearts, these puppets were tasked with convincing the layman casually browsing the web that there is some form of “revolution” ongoing, and that Assad was a bad man.

This vile web of vapid souls was tightly packed, but it still had weaknesses. As a result, the money invested in this State Department PR machine faced stiff resistance not only from Social network users based outside of Syria, but also ones based in Syria. The counterattack was based on 1 thing – telling the truth. And as the adage goes: it is cheaper to tell the truth.

The list below is a non-comprehensive but illustrative guide to the social media accounts (on Twitter – the bulk of the information war occurred in the information space with the most truncated character [140] and time [each tweet has an average lifespan of 20 minutes] attributes) that did the most damage to the non-stop spewing of pro-Jihadist propaganda and outright lies. The numbers do not represent any sort of ranking.

1. @Maytham956

Perhaps the most damaging blow from this account came during the evacuation of Aleppo:

Today the account can be seen trolling Jihadists and their sponsors by posting many photos from Aleppo Christmas celebrations. 

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2. @ejmalrai

Veteran geopolitical analyst/war correspondent Elijah J. Magnier, throughout the duration of the Syria war (and Iraq), has dropped the equivalent of Tsar Bomba on the Western media machine. With regular contact with soldiers and commanders on the ground, the factual information tweeted here has caused many western so-called “journalists” to foam at the mouth with rage. Below are two recent examples: Elijah makes Richard Spencer from The Times look like a schoolboy; Washington Post propagandist Lousia Loveluck is put in her place.

3. @leithfadel

Founder of Al-Masdar news Leith Fadel has become a very large thorn in the side of wahhabi agencies like Al Jazeera and even the likes of the BBC and CNN. This account is another example of the importance of posting legitimate information straight from the soldiers on the ground – something that the western agencies have no answer for (since their beloved Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a one-man show based in a semi-detached house in England). Click the image below to see Al Masdar News, which has managed to break into the Google News algorithm and disrupt the flow of disinformation.

4. @Ald_Aba

One of the most intriguing uses of social media during the Syria war is the geolocation of points of interests seen in videos. For example, this could be an Al Nusra camp, a FSA hell cannon firing point, an ISIS warehouse, so on… It remains to be confirmed if the Russian military do in fact use this information in their bombing raids, but it cannot be ruled out.

5. @Ehsani2

Coming from a more academic direction, this account publishes articles on the website of Professor Joshua Landis, and occasionally publishes tweet-storms that contain valuable information. An example of such a tweet-storm can be seen below (published on Storify for convenience:

6. @sayed_ridha

Working in tandem with other accounts (some mentioned here) who have access to the military personnel of Damascus, this one has reported information that was not reported anywhere else, and doesn’t miss a beat with developments on the ground.

7. @IvanSidorenko1

The now famous watermarked photos published by this account have helped social media users to keep visually up to date with the Syrian Army and allies’ day-to-day activities.

8. @AboZain6

Working as a link between the ground and cyberspace, this account belongs to a journalist working with the Syrian Army. Whether it is drone footage or interviews, agencies based in New York and London have nothing to counter actual evidence of “moderate” rebel war crimes.


9. @PetoLucem

Where would we all be without maps? This account has worked tirelessly to produce accurate visualisations of the actual situation on the ground – at the same time countering the Jihadists’ fake maps.

10. @walid970721

Saudi takfiri cleric Muhaysini was recently removed from twitter, but just after his ban he reappeared… with hardly any followers (pre-ban he had 50,000+, more than some actual journalists).

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Thus, it can be said that more and more people have became aware of just who this man partly thanks to the video translations of the last account on this list. It should be noted that the holder of the account does not dedicate their tweets to Muhaysini, and does bring other important information to followers.

All of the accounts above have contributed in one way or another not only to the liberation of Aleppo, and not only to the inevitable liberation (2017?) of Syria, but also to the slaying of the multi-headed hydra that is the CIA propaganda machine. It remains to be seen what will happen in the information sphere concerning the liberation of Idlib, but it can be said with certainty that Al Qaeda will receive some much needed PR…but it is too little too late.

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