Terrorist Hadi Alabdallah Jumps on The “Bana from Aleppo” Bandwagon

By Ollie Richardson

On the 19th of December, 2016, there was an important encounter between a peaceful civilian and a terrorist – no, it was not the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara. It was the meeting between the notorious 7 year-old girl Bana al-Abed(in reality the twitter account is not managed by the girl, but by her mother) and the vile Al Qaeda media guy Hadi Alabdallah. This is the first time the former has been interviewed by the latter. Moreover, this interview was used by several mainstream media agencies for propaganda purposes. One does not need to be an expert in psychology to see that the young girl has been coached well with the prescribed narrative: Assad bombed and besieged me.

Her words during the interview occupy a space where what she says is vague and does not directly attribute blame to any party to the Syrian war. This means that she can simply return to Aleppo once the city is secured, and the media can safely distance themselves from her. They used and abused her, and will then flush her down the toilet (proverbially speaking) when the time is right. The New York Times already started the psychological preparation for this with the article below:

So with western media attempting to sit on two seats – Bana is real/Bana is fake – can it be said that this is indicatory of what is happening on the ground? Indeed, yes it can. Obama’s Al-Qaeda proxies have been booted out of Aleppo (evacuated to Idlib), and now the “moderate” opposition myth has been very compromised. Weapons caches and humanitarian aid have all been discovered by the Syrian Army in East Aleppo, accompanied with Al Qaeda flags:

The narrative provided by the western media has totally disintegrated, so now Operation Save Face has begun. Aleppo is lost, and no doubt Palmyra will soon be once again under Assad’s control, since all government forces in Aleppo were sent to East Homs. So, little Bana, one day your mother will have to explain why she followed orders by the West, and put your life in danger, flirting with terrorists. Why did she refuse to evacuate you and to move to West Aleppo, where your wellbeing was assured? Perhaps the State Department’s offer was just too good to refuse…

P.S. Bana’s “excellent” english can again be seen below in an interview released on the same day as the Hadi Alabdallah one. 

[toggler title=”Spoiler” ]She doesn’t even speak – what a surprise![/toggler]

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