Terrorist From Kiev Described How He Prepared an Explosion Near Rostov

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The condemned Ukrainian citizen testified about the preparation of a terrorist attack and work for the Ukrainian special services.

The Ukrainian citizen Aleksey Sizonovich – condemned for preparing a terrorist attack – gave a detailed testimony to the FSB of Russia about how he worked for the special services of Ukraine, conducted intelligence activities, and prepared an explosion on the territory of the Rostov region. All the testimony were made during police video filming.

In the footage the man reports that in 2014 he was enlisted by representatives of Ukrainian intelligence. At first he was asked to gather various intelligence information on the territory of the Lugansk region. In particular, the Ukrainian special services were interested in data on the number of military equipment of the militia and the routes of its movement.

About a year later Sizonovich was invited to Kiev, where he met his curators and underwent a loyalty test in the form of a polygraph. After successfully passing all procedures he was set the task to make an investigation of the Likhaya railway station in the north of the Rostov region. The man documented and finished filming all objects at the station and then sent the materials to Kiev. After a while he again received the order to go to the station, but this time to find there a hiding place and to stash components for an explosive device.

However the hiding place was found by staff of the FSB of Russia in the Rostov region. During an investigation and search operations Aleksey Sizonovich was detained. Right after his detention he confessed that he was supposed to conduct a terrorist attack.

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As Life earlier reported, the North Caucasus District Military Court found the Ukrainian citizen Aleksey Sizonovich guilty of preparing a terrorist attack in Rostov-on-Don, illegally crossing the border of Russia, and illegally acquiring, storing, and carrying an explosive. The man was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment and fined 250,000 rubles.


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