Test by Maidan: What Strikes & Protests in the US, Other Countries Really Mean

Against the background of the American riots, the world safely did not notice the anniversary of the events on Tiananmen Square. Indeed, the anniversary was last year. It’s a long way until the next one. Only the protesters in Hong Kong (does anyone still remember them?) demand a worldwide condemnation of the long-standing “crimes of the regime”. This demand is not a coincidence.

The 30-year anniversary of the events on Tiananmen was last year, and no one was particularly bothered about it. They were bothered about it this year. Just against the background of the American protests, which have already become Canadian, Mexican, and European. Suddenly the whole world was concerned about one murdered black recidivist. With American police killing thousands of black, white, yellow, and “gray” fellow citizens every year. Periodically, there are even riots over this (in some cities and regions, but not all over the world or even in all states). Never before has a local case of police violence (justified, by God knows what, or not) become a cause for global protests.

Think about it. Why on earth would you personally smash windows and charge at the Russian Guard if somewhere in the United States or Paraguay, a police officer exceeded (or did not exceed) their authority? What does the British or French police have to do with the American one? How will broken shop displays in Los Angeles or battered whites in Seattle help black addicts in Michigan?

Yes, it happens that the angry people react sharply to a seemingly nonsense case. An ordinary fight can trigger a local riot. One can even assume that a decades-old protest results in a nationwide uprising. But not in a global one. Ryazan or Michigan residents will never take to the streets in support of Shanghai or Hanoi residents, not because they don’t care about their fate, but because they have different problems. Why would I set fire to a neighbour’s house because somewhere on the other end of the planet someone hurt someone or even killed someone?

Protesters in Hong Kong, whom the world has long forgotten about, did not accidentally try to draw attention to the events of 30 years ago, but also to themselves. Beijing has decided to take advantage of the situation to strengthen its control over this autonomous region. The American protests played a cruel joke on Hong Kong’s “freedom fighters”. The world is polarising. In France, Britain, Mexico, Canada, and beyond (even in Russia) people go outside who are not just outraged by the murder of the five-time convicted Floyd, but also left-liberal globalists are coming out to support the American left-liberal globalists, who lost the judicial political fight to the conservatives and came out for their “last and decisive battle”, trying to stay in power despite the Constitution and laws of the United States.

But, just as left-liberal totalitarians around the world support their American accomplices, conservative democrats around the world are on the side of the American conservatives. Of course, many people are tired of America’s ambitiousness and pretentiousness, but it is the left-liberal politics of the recent decades that are tired of it. American conservatives are not a gift either, but they at least defend understandable traditional values and are oriented towards traditional financial-economic policies that assume that money, before turning into new money, must pass through the commodity stage, i.e., finance production and ensuring the growth of the real sector.

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It is possible to negotiate with conservatives on the basis of a general idea of a normal world order. This is not a simple task, as American conservatives are also confident in the exclusivity of the United States and seek world domination. But they seek domination in the real world of material values, not in the world of “securities”, for the most part of which there is no real product.

Liberals, on the other hand, live in a virtual world where more oil futures are sold than oil is extracted, and all issued gold certificates cannot be covered by real gold. The capitalisation of the world’s largest companies is based not on their real assets, but on ordinary PR. The money the Federal Reserve is pouring into the US economy is going straight to the stock exchange, inflating more and more bubbles there. In this world, money turns into even more money, bypassing the commodity stage. Liberals have nobody to negotiate with and nothing to negotiate over. Their wealth comes from thin air. They do not need “factories, newspapers, steamships”, which means, by and large, there is no need for a population that serves industrial production.

It’s not by chance that they’re obsessed with the service sector. They need lackeys, cooks, barbers, drivers, maids, gardeners, porters, waiters. They don’t need gas workers, oilmen, metallurgists, fishermen, and cattle breeders. Their wheat is milled, oil is extracted, steel is boiled, and fish is caught in stocks and futures. It is written on paper that there is a herd of steers, so this herd can be bought and then sold, but at a higher price. But it doesn’t matter if it exists or not. Virtual bulls can endlessly turn into real money. Dozens of stockjobbers and brokers will be enriched by the never-existing herd, which does not need pasture and a shepherd, which is not driven to the meat processing plant, and whose skins do not go for processing.

With the same success, you can simply write “billion dollars” or “trillion dollars” on a piece of paper and use it as a real bill. It is for this right to draw for themselves as much money as they want that liberals fight. And they will never sit down at the negotiating table with normal people, because in order to start dialogue it is necessary to give up the right to make money from the air. It is precisely for this right of the liberal elite that the American looters are fighting for today, destroying real businesses, British fighters for unknown reasons, and the “freedom-loving young people of Hong Kong”.

Some “protests” last for years and are clearly aimed at paralysing and demolishing power (and any power in a particular country), atomising society, and eventually destroying the people (at least a number of individuals will remain).

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Tiananmen for liberals is a red rag for a bull. 31 years ago, the Chinese leadership was able to suppress the fifth column in power trying to capitulate to a “student protest” for everything good and against everything bad. Beijing’s leaders have clearly proved that real tanks are much more powerful than virtual money, despite the fact that you can draw as much money as you want, and the number of tanks is limited.

Tiananmen confirmed the old truth stating that state power not only has the right, but also the obligation to defend itself against mutineers, including via the use of weapons. Mutiny is always destruction – the destruction of the foundations of the state. Meanwhile, the state is created by people to ensure the implementation of certain rules of the game that guarantee certain rights to all citizens and protect these rights. If the state is destroyed or even weakened, the lives of the broadest masses dramatically deteriorate. An example is the dashing 1990s or modern Ukraine.

If state power, paralysed by false tolerance, is afraid to shed a little blood and allows the uprising to flare up, encouraging the impunity of the mutineers, the loss count very quickly starts to become millions. They are not necessarily killed (though it happens in Rwanda), often millions simply leave the country in search of a better life (as is the case in Ukraine), but this does not make it easier for people who are forced to abandon the fruits of several generations of labour and start all over again in a foreign land on an empty plot.

Liberals do not need industry, they do not need people, they do not feel the need for the state. They are always ready to replace it with private armies guarding not just anyone, but those who need to be guarded. Liberals do not even need a stock exchange or a printing press, because money can be “drawn” directly via a computer.

Of course, money has value only as long as something can be bought for it, and if nothing is produced, the material benefits will run out sooner or later. But liberals live today at the expense of previous generations. When the resource starts to run out – the easiest way out is not to create something new, but to reduce the number of applicants for participation in the sharing out.

The destruction of entire states serves that purpose. The worse the lives of tens of millions of people, the faster they die and the slower they breed. By reducing the number, the share of the remaining ones increases.

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The existence of a left-liberal global system can only be prolonged by permanent preemptive population reduction. Otherwise, a system focused not on production, but on the redistribution of what was produced by previous generations will not be able to exist. Therefore, the war that liberals unleashed in the United States and are trying to spread to the wider world is a war of annihilation. Either humanity will destroy liberals or liberals will destroy humanity.

But the cannon fodder of liberal riots, regardless of whether they are an Asian-African or a Ukrainian marginal, can only fight effectively if it is not resisted. As soon as it is confronted with retaliatory violence, the “cheerfulness” disappears like morning fog. The cannon fodder of liberal mutineers only testifies to the readiness to “die for an idea”, but in fact they go out on the streets not to die, but to kill and rob.

That’s why liberals hate Tiananmen. 31 years ago, the Chinese proved conclusively to the world that if you spit on the liberal mantras about “human rights” and start shooting at people in the interest of society, the problem of a liberal uprising is resolved in a matter of days. Negotiations weaken power, because the mutineers are not going to agree to anything, and after the first concession they demand a second, third, tenth. But as soon as the liberal thug understands that they can receive a bullet to the forehead not virtually, but quite realistically, and also learns that the taiga wasn’t fully felled, not all channels were dug, and in the Antarctica there is a mass of uncleared ice and snow, they immediately become marvellously constructive.

The most important thing is that after Tiananmen they know that it is possible, that it is only a matter of the willingness of the responsible authorities to fulfil their duty and restore order.

Therefore, the instigators of the global civil war of all against all in the interests of the liberal elite fear and hate Tiananmen, try to demonise this name, and the successful (with little blood) suppression of the mutiny fraught with the most terrible misfortunes for a billion Chinese is a crime. In fact, criminals are those who try to take away from the state the right to exercise violence in favour of some self-styled “activists”. “Activists”, having seized power, never stop before violence for the sake of its preservation. Because they serve the interests of the liberal elite who do not need humanity, i.e., they oppose the vast majority of citizens of any country, and prisons, concentration camps, and execution ditches become the usual entourage of the country of victorious liberalism.

It is possible and necessary to have a discussion with a liberal while they are acting within the framework of the law. Once they have gone outside and picked up a stone or a Molotov cocktail, only one option remains – crush the reptile or the reptile will crush you.

Rostislav Ishchenko

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