Testimonies of Local Residents Point to the Ukrainian Armed Forces Shooting Down MH-17

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



New facts in the case of the crash of the Malaysian “Boeing” above Donbass in July, 2014, call into question the conclusions of the investigation in the Netherlands. Locals are sure that the plane, with nearly 300 people onboard, was shot down by a missile launched from the territory of the village of Zaroshchenskoye. At that moment it was controlled by the Ukrainian military. These testimonies confirm the results of the examination of the developer of “Buk” – the Almaz-Antey concern. Dutch experts ignored this.

Andrey Kostin was in Shakhtersk on the day when over the skies of the Donetsk region a Malaysian “Boeing” was brought down. He was driving to the market. On that day he and dozens more people heard a roar in the sky (seemingly from Grabovo) and saw some white trails.

“I went to the village of Grabovo. There I saw the plane already destroyed, burning. Well, and also the corpses of people,” said Andrey Kostin.

Back then Andrey served in the militia, and concerning from whose positions the missile flew, he speaks with confidence. Any resident of the town at the time knew where the UAF’s positions started.

“The positions of the UAF began in the suburbs of Shakhtersk, Amvrosievka. And there all the boundaries were completely controlled by the UAF.”

And in what direction did the missile fly?

“In the direction of Petropavlovka, Grabovo. On that side.”

In fact, here they are here, the UAF’s positions that were long ago reclaimed by the militia on the hill just outside the town. The abandoned weapon emplacements look with empty embrasures at Shakhtersk and the neighboring villages. Here large water containers, cigarette packets, and cans are still scattered here. Everything is Ukrainian. But just two years ago uniforms of Ukrainian military and even equipment from UAF warehouses were also scattered around these positions.

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This position, like the adjacent one, was organised in such a way to control Shakhtersk and to cover the village of Zaroshchenskoye. Moreover, there positions appeared shortly before the tragedy of the flight MH-17 (this is easy to verify using Google maps, it is possible to look at the situation at a certain date). For example, on these maps there are still no positions, but here — just a few days later — they already exist. And they cover the direction Shakhtersk-Zaroshchenskoye, which is hardly a coincidence.

The “Boeing” of the Malaysian Airlines company crashed on July 17th, 2014, in the Donetsk region. Information began to immediately appear in the western media, literally during the first few hours, that the plane was shot down by the militia, and that a SAM “Buk” was transferred to Donetsk region even from Russia. And such a narrative was promoted not only by journalists – western politicians spoke about it openly, without shame.

And three years later they still talk about it, even though no evidence has surfaced. Some blurred photos, records of allegedly intercepted negotiations of alleged Russian mercenaries (something that can be recorded at home, or even in a studio) can hardly be considered as proof.

And footage from the reports of the Ukrainian channels with the leitmotif “Buk systems protecting the skies in the ATO zone” quite unambiguously testifies to surface-to-air missile systems being in Donbass. And it is clear at whose position. And it is partly clear where they were located.

“It was even impossible to get there, nobody was allowed to come here. The UAF was in this area. Here is approximately their location – their vehicles and radars were seen.”

The village of Zaroshchenskoye was repeatedly named by experts as the possible place the missile was launched from at the Malaysian “Boeing”. For example, the Almaz-Antey concern that manufactures the SAM “Buk” conducted three experiments: they simulated a missile hitting the plane, taking into account the identified damage on the airframe of the “Boeing”. According to experts, the missile was launched, most likely, from the Zaroshchenskoye region.

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And not so long ago, the former officer of the UAF, Yury Baturin – the chief of the command point of the anti-aircraft missile troops of Ukraine – said that a few days after the tragedy a column of tractors from the 156th anti-aircraft missile regiment came to his unit and transferred equipment to the district of the village of Zaroshchenskoye. Including a Buk.

However, during all the years of the investigation into the crash of flight MH17, the Dutch investigators, apparently, didn’t even consider the possability of a missile being launched by the Ukrainian military. Only the opposite. For example, Dutch investigators came to Grabovo, which was controlled by the militia, but to UAF positions in Zaroshchenskoye – no.

And in general, there is the feeling that the international commission diligently tries to shape any facts – real ones, not entirely real ones, and frankly falsified ones as evidence – into a prepared, politically necessary, answer.

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