Tetiana Montian: “ATO” Veterans Go Crazy or Join Gangs

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



After returning from war, Ukrainian “veterans of the anti-terrorist operation” go crazy or join gangs. Up in arms, these so-called defenders of the motherland are already looting and killing those who just yesterday they were defending. This was declared on the air of “Topinform” by the Ukrainian public figure and lawyer Tatyana Montyan.

According to her, upon return from the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”, soldiers continue to rape and kill, pouring into a criminal environment.

“Gangs go into a racket. Those who are cleverer, who understand what they were doing there, everything is clear for them, but those who are not so bright join gangs because this is all they know how to do. They initially went there to earn money by killing, robbing, raping.

There are millions of cases – just open every newspaper, everywhere there is a criminal chronicle – someone coming back from the anti-terrorist operation killed someone, raped someone, mugged someone, and so on.

A not-numerous quantity of more normal ones have mental disorders, and need the help of psychiatrists somehow to be rehabilitated after everything they saw and did there.

Because it isn’t so simple, to kill your fellow citizens for no reason at all, despite how much your brain was washed,” Montyan declared.

Earlier, numerous experts warned about such a development of the situation. The terrain for the catalyzing of crime was laid initially.

As was noted by the ex-employee of the criminal investigation department of Ukraine Sergey Navrotsky, it is nothing surprising that volunteers who passed through the “anti-terrorist operations” are engaged in crime.

“Firstly, two years ago arms were indiscriminately distributed to everyone, including to previously convicted people who are inclined to crime. Secondly, they allowed a lot of things in the anti-terrorist operation zone, including to rob, beat civilians, not to mention more serious offenses. Many got criminal experience there. While in peaceful life it is necessary to work and to be paid peanuts, and this more difficult than to take a knife or a firearm and to pick the pocket of others,” warned Sergey Navrotsky.

As a reminder, during the years after the victory of the revolution of dignity”, even according to official data and the data of experts loyal to the regime, crime in Ukraine has grown many times, especially regarding robberies, murders, and kidnappings. While Kiev has gained the doubtful laurels of the most dangerous city in Europe.

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