Textbooks of Hate: Ukrainian Schoolchildren Started to Be Treated For a Deadly Disease

NEW – August 14, 2022

A comprehensive program has been launched to “cure” schoolchildren and teachers on the liberated territories of the false mythology, hatred and Russophobia that was instilled in them under the guise of education.

The daughter of a good friend from Lvov – a pensioner, very far from being Maidan-style brainwashed, who studied at school even before the second Maidan, had big problems with academic performance. Especially in the humanities. One day, she told her father that she would not teach history, because… there is no such science.

“I am told one thing at home by you, but something completely different at school about the same things. I realised that this whole ‘story’ is just a collection of myths and lies from different sides, why bother with it?,” said the girl to her parents.

Later, when she left Ukraine, her opinion on the subject of “history” clearly changed, since she entered the history department of one of the Russian universities at the second attempt and graduated from it.

Long-time poisoning of Ukraine

The situation is much worse for those students who started studying in Ukraine after 2014. After the Maidan coup, a wave of total de-Russification of schools began, the rewriting of textbooks that were still more or less sane and “neutral” in relation to Russia, the release of school textbooks that already at a new level of paranoia drive into children’s heads hatred for “Moskals” and the inevitability of war with them. Many teachers were forced to resign, and the remaining dissenters adapted, of course, with spiritual damage to themselves.

Fewer and fewer parents argued with the school officials, because a significant part of them already belonged to generations poisoned by Russophobic “Ukrainism“. Well, cross-denunciation encouraged by the SBU did its job. With particular force, all these processes were initiated by Kiev on the temporarily recaptured lands of Donbass and in general – on the left bank.

Eight years of such intensive toxication is a long time! Therefore, today Russia, liberating the lands that were under the rule of the Kiev regime, has to complete a complex and responsible task: to return the consciousness of local teenagers and young people from the Ukrainian paranoid looking glass. It is very good that the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia under the leadership of Sergey Kravtsov was here, as is said, “on the front line”.

School memory flashing

At a meeting in Rostov-on-Don with children from the liberated territories, Minister Kravtsov spoke about the successful project “University replacements”, which is being implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

“Children from the liberated territories of the LPR and DPR, mostly high school students, come to the regions of our country and actually rediscover Russia. Many of them do not know that there was a time when we lived in the same country, that we had common victories, achievements, a common culture and language. And today, when schoolchildren from the DPR and LPR visit museums dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and history, many are surprised that we lived in the same state. They leave changed – open, friendly, many people want to come back, visit the Rostov region and other regions again, tell their peers about it, this is very important,” said Sergey Kravtsov.

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Indeed, the importance of this project cannot be overemphasised. Today it is about 15,000 schoolchildren, tomorrow there will be hundreds of thousands. At the first stage alone, about 15,000 teachers will have to be retrained for teaching according to Russian educational standards. About 10,000 of them, according to Sergey Kravtsov, have already been trained.

I would like to believe that at the same time those who have actively shown themselves in the field of Russophobia and Ukronazism are eliminated – neither enemies nor “chameleons” are needed in school classes there (however, just like here)! The task is not only to “remove the taint” of aggressive nationalism, but also to introduce children to normal knowledge. And on the other hand – to “develop” the self-identification of the local youth as a natural and inseparable part of the united Russian nation.

The decision of the Ministry of Education and Science to leave teaching Ukrainian as a voluntary subject is correct. But all the “actors” on our part need to firmly understand: the concept of “three fraternal peoples who came out of Kievan Rus”, invented in the USSR, must be thrown into the trash. There is a single Russian nation “in three persons”: Velikorossiyans, Malorossiyans and Belarusians. And no more Ukrainians! This doctrine should not be introduced with malicious pressure, like Maidan brainwashing: but it should be firmly and evidently prescribed in all textbooks, gently replacing “Ukrainism” in the mass consciousness.

I would like to believe that this work has already begun, in addition to children’s recreation with “entertainment”, for example, on the site of Don State Technical University (DSTU), where, as part of the “University replacements” from June 19, children from Donbass 12-17 years old have a rest in the sports and recreation complex “Rainbow” in the village of Divnomorskoye and at the recreation centre of DSTU “Azov Seaside”. According to Besarion Meskhi, rector of Don University, “sightseeing tours with visits to cultural and historical heritage sites, museums, theatres, and interactive educational classes on the history and culture of Russia are held there”. In addition, “each participant of the project passes a 32-hour educational block, after which they receive a certificate”.

We hope that the idea of a united Russian nation will be clearly spelled out in new textbooks for more than 1,100 schools, which, according to the head of the Ministry of Education, will open “as far as possible in the DPR, LPR and on the liberated territories”.

There is a lot of work to be done here. Several generations will actually have to be “pulled” out of the darkness of ignorance. As was recognised by Sergey Kravtsov, Ukrainian schoolchildren did not receive systematic knowledge in the main school subjects.

“The task of the Kiev regime in the education system was actually to train the labour force for Europe. Many programs in mathematics and physics were designed in such a way that children actually played them. Yes, this is interesting, but such programs did not provide any systematic, fundamental knowledge,” the minister noted.

Preparing evil gastarbeiters

The “game method”, by the way, was borrowed by Kiev “enlighteners” from American school practice. And in the United States, as American experts already admit, it has led to a monstrous drop in the educational level of several generations: according to a survey three years ago, more than a third of young people in the US are not sure that the earth is round and that it revolves around the Sun. And here it is also worth noting that in Russia, in some structures close to the education system (for example, at the Higher School of Economics), there are still many supporters of replacing classical subject education with “integral” education with games instead of classes. Training of “dark” manpower, “qualified consumers” and one-sided “specialists” is a global trend. And with it, dear Sergey Sergeyevich Kravtsov should keep his eyes open!

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As for the humanitarian subjects, as they are taught in Ukraine, here the catastrophe is not only intellectual, but also spiritual.

“Tsargrad” has written about wild historical and geographical fantasies in Ukrainian textbooks more than once. Recall that after the start of the special operation, a combined group of volunteers brought more than 300 books of methodological and educational literature from the schools of the liberated territories. After examining them, our teachers and historians were quietly horrified. According to the same Kravtsov, in them, with funding from foreign countries, entire pages of history are completely rewritten, rampant Russophobia prevails.

“This is a deliberate construction of a chain that distorts the historical truth. Not only aggression and readiness for a military operation against our country, but also the brainwashing of teachers and schoolchildren – and often violent,” Sergey Kravtsov emphasised at the press conference of “United Russia” and the Ministry of Education entitled “Ukrainian textbooks as an element of hate propaganda”.

Writer, historian and deputy director of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Zvyagintsev called Ukrainian textbooks “killers of history”.

“How do they start their day? What is our motto: we are the children of Ukraine, let Moscow lie in ruins. Where is this taken from? From the Hitler-Jugend! And now we have to remind about it,” he said.

To laugh or cry

On the Runet, until recently, they were giggling and laughing at the top of their voices over the pseudo-historical nonsense that was shoved into the heads of young Ukrainians. Pearls from Maidan brainwashing textbooks by ear:

“The history of the Ukrainian nation goes back 140,000 years, our ancestors came out of the Gobi desert and were called Ukr. From them came the Etruscans, Copts, Leleges, and Trojans. The Ukr tribe in ancient times inhabited the lands from Denmark to Lvov, Chuda and Korsa.”

“Arii (orii) is the oldest name of Ukrainians. They were the first ploughmen in the world, tamed the horse, invented the wheel and the plow.”

“Ukrainian is an antediluvian language, the language of Noah, the oldest language in the world. There is reason to believe that Ovid wrote poems in the ancient Ukrainian language.”

“Ukrainians thought in the Ukrainian language, but wrote chronicles in Russian.”

These “ancient Sumerian” absurdities were really fun to laugh at. But the redrawing in school history textbooks of later times (started long before Maidan) should have already alerted the Russian authorities in a serious way.

“The hetmanate of Mazepa is a heroic page in the selfless fight of the Ukrainian people for independence. … On November 2, 1708, the Moscow army completely destroyed the Hetman’s capital city of Baturyn, slaughtering all its inhabitants, even women and babies. Not a single piece of the Cossack capital remained, not a single inhabitant escaped in the hell arranged by the Moscow aliens.”

“By destroying the Ukrainian nation, the Bolsheviks continued the imperial traditions of Russia.”

The next things in ukro-textbooks should have caused not just “protests” and “concerns”, but serious opposition at the state level. For example, the characteristic of “natural properties of Muscovites”:

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“Alcoholism, theft, spontaneous vandalism and aggressiveness, inability to assimilate and even more so create cultural values independently.”

Or the claims that UPA under the leadership of Stepan Bandera in 1943 liberated most of the cities of Ukraine from the Germans, while continuing to fight the Bolsheviks.

Or even this: “Hitler’s soul ached for the peoples of Ukraine and the Caucasus”  this is stated in Nikolay Galichanets’ handbook “The Adventures and Life of the Ukrainian Nation from ancient Times to the 11th Century”, officially recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

To this, we can also add provocative maps in the school atlases of “correct Ukraine”, which include Kuban, “Kerch region” and “Voronezh region”.

But there weren’t even protests, by and large, from Moscow towards all this rubbish. It is logical that it came to the textbooks found in the schools of the liberated Volnovakha “Defence of the Fatherland”, where children were taught to form battle formations according to NATO standards in order to fight the “Russian invaders”. Thus, in line with the denazification of adult Ukraine, there will be “detoxification” – a term in which the Greek word “toxins” is providentially combined with the Russian “children” [dyeti – SZ].

So what?

Hatred of Russian brothers in blood and faith, called “Moskals” and “katsaps”, and now – “moksha” and “Orcs”, was planted in Malorossiya long ago. The authors and curators of “textbooks of hate” have always been from the West. It is enough to quote from an article in the magazine “Ukrainska Khata” for 1912 (the magazine was published in Galicia, which was part of Austria-Hungary, and was illegally transported to Russia):

“Rebirth of Ukraine is synonymous with hatred for his wife Moskovka, for his children katsapchats, for his brothers and sisters katsaps, for his father and mother katsaps. To love Ukraine means to sacrifice Katsap relatives.”

The roots of aggressive anti-Russian Ukrainism are quite deep, and this fact should not be underestimated. Ignoring the warnings of experts – including those from Ukraine, the authorities of the new Russia blinked at the formation of aggressive Nazism with Western “pumping” there in full growth. Now we have to treat this disease by force of arms. But with this forced surgery, no one canceled a long course of mental therapy – especially responsible for the children of the former Ukraine. It is also important here, among other things, that in the process of “correcting the brain” Russia will have to mentally heal itself from the disease of a lack of ideological content and “Western worship” – in education as well.

Andrey Samokhin

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