Thank You “BBC” for Showing the World the Great Power of the Russian Fleet

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Navy ship aircraft carrier group of Russia led by the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, heading to the Mediterranean, on Friday, entered the English channel on the way to the Atlantic, reported the “BBC”. In the published movie, filmed for security purposes from a distance, on the deck of the aircraft carrier the two fighter jets are visible on stand-by ready for departure.


Su-33 jets onboard Kuznetsov, as filmed by the other anglo propaganda agency ITN (ITV)

The special piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the carrier group of the Russian Navy is heading to Syria through the English channel. The route is clearly not for combat, because in a war such a big ship in these narrow channels would be instantly destroyed. Moreover, there is another route – bypassing the British Isles from the North – past Iceland, which Russian ships usually use. Precisely here is a good place to go to the open spaces of the Atlantic, without attracting special attention.

And, therefore, in order to attract maximum attention such a demonstrative route was chosen. The decision, of course, is not so much based on navigation as it is politics. Moreover, it was certainly made at the highest level. Thus, applause for Vladimir Putin personally, in this case, is clearly not redundant.

marshrutThe artistry with which he squeezes the most possible out of any situation, using it to the maximum benefit of Russia, can’t but cause justified admiration. A special thank you to the “BBC”, which went all out and with the help of helicopters to show the world the power of the Russian fleet in all its glory.

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Thus, the West was given the maximum opportunity to be convinced that Russia is far from a cardboard scarecrow, which is something she has been presented as for a long time. But it is a real powerful military force, which, like it or not, has to be considered. Yes, Russia has only one ship of this class. But that’s a lot. Especially taking into account the fact that now in the battle formation of the “Queen of the seas” fleet in the UK there is no aircraft carrier, France only has the elderly “Charles de Gaulle”, while the rest of Europe does not even have that. There is, of course, the US with their Armada aircraft carrier. But it is time for this country, today, to think not so much about the standoff with Russia in the sea, but much more about resolving together with her to solve the world’s problems for the mutual benefit. Still, as they say in Odessa, at the moment the trams are still moving…

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