Thanks to the USSR: West Wants to Snatch Soviet Era Military Developments From Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson 


Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov reported the existence in the military sphere of a full-cycle of production of missiles. The expert of “Nahnews” said that “those who make such statements reside in a parallel reality”.

Previously, Turchynov, in an interview to the media, said that the military industrial complex began to produce missiles, “all the components of which are also produced in Ukraine.”

“The latest tests have shown not simply the high quality of our missiles, but also that they are better than the Russian analogues. Missile production is not only the development of the casing, the warhead, launchers and control systems, it is also solid rocket fuel. It is produced only in a few countries,” said the Secretary of the NSDC, adding that not many countries have such a full cycle of production.

Tidbit for Western partners

Those who make such statements are living in a “parallel reality”, said the Deputy Director of the Tauric Information-analytical Center of RISS Sergey Ermakov.

“Yes, there is potential in this sphere in Ukraine, and nobody argued with it. Another thing is that now the country has no opportunity to establish a full cycle of production. Radio electronics, chips are never produced, they are purchased,” specified the expert.

The same applies to guidance systems. At the time there was serious cooperation with the Russian side, but now prototypes are produced without Russian components. This is probably what Turchynov meant when he was speaking about a full cycle — that they do it without Russian components, purchasing them elsewhere.

“In Ukraine there is a large reserve from the Soviet era in the sphere of rocketry. This is a tidbit for a number of countries that can supply the parts necessary for Ukraine to continue to access fundamental engineering developments, which are of tremendous interest,” said Sergey Ermakov.

Who would buy this fuel

As for the rocket fuel, part of the factories producing it before are located in the territory of the Donetsk region, on the territory that is now not controlled by Kiev.


The Pavlograd chemical plant is engaged in the utilisation of rocket fuel

A number of factories are located on the territory of Ukraine, but their willingness raises questions. As in any market system, there is need for consumers, said the expert to “Nahnews”, as the main partner for the fuel, Russia, has disappeared.

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In general, military production can help the country to make a qualitative leap in the industrial sector: “Ukraine, I will repeat, owns the development left over from Soviet times, which is of interest to Western partners.”

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