The Appeal of the 85-Year-Old Ukrainian Political Prisoner Mekhti Logunov Was Groundlessly Postponed for the Third Time

On October 4th 2019 the appeal on the case of the Kharkov political prisoner Mekhti Logunov was postponed for a third time.

According to the lawyer Dmitry Tikhonenkov, the defence wanted to cancel the sentence, which it considers to be illegal. However, at the beginning of the hearing the prosecutor filed a motion for the removal of the presiding judge Koshevaya, motivating this by referring to the fact that Koshevaya was the investigative judge during the pre-judicial investigation into the case of Logunov. The court was forced to satisfy the prosecution’s motion and now a new collegium of judges will be defined and a new hearing was appointed.

“This is lawlessness. We’ve waited 1.5 years for an appeal, we count on a not guilty verdict. Mekhti Feofanovich is 85 years old. This entire case is a falsification,” said the lawyer Tikhonenkov.

Mekhti Logunov himself, from behind the glass of the court cell, said that during the 426 days that he has currently been in custody, he lost 15 teeth.

“I can’t eat, I am doomed to starvation. This is lawlessness. I will write to Europe, I will submit claims against all who have mocked me,” said the political prisoner.

Uspishna Varta

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