The Appeal of the Ukrainian Politician Vasily Volga Concerning the Junta-Endorsed Lawlessness in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga


Searches in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, a search in the house of Metropolitan Pavel, and mass searches at the homes of public figures who the authorities deem to be undesirable.

In the face of all the international community, absolutely not even caring about legality and morals, the state headed by Petro Poroshenko commits mass crimes against its own citizens.

The media controlled by Poroshenko, in the most impudent primitive way, kindles ethnic and inter-religious strife. Without embarrassment, the central TV channels set radical nationalists on believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, church hierarches, and the citizens of Ukraine with Russian nationality.

Any appeals to Poroshenko, to the “Maidan” authorities controlled by him, to the Security Service of Ukraine, to the police, or to the Ukrainian modern justice about the need to return to the framework of the Constitution and the Laws of Ukraine, as well as appeals to observe human rights, don’t and won’t result in anything. The purposes that the Ukrainian authorities have today is not being achieved by lawful methods.

Today it is impossible to resist the criminal machine created by Poroshenko, Gritsak, Avakov, and their “Maidan” Parliament. But using free (for now) social networks, every crime they commit can be made public. Contact on social networks with followers who are beyond the territory of Ukraine are of particular importance today – in Europe, Russia, and the US.

Friends in Germany, Sweden, the US, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary!

I ask for your special attention concerning what is happening right now in Ukraine. I ask you to help us with the translation of materials into the languages of your countries and with spreading already translated materials in all ways available to you.

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The Ukrainian authorities have entered into a tailspin. The state criminals who are today in power expect to save their asses through further aggravating the civil standoff in Ukraine. Their crimes will be exponentially multiplied.

We need help, friends. Thank You.

Political Repression in Ukraine Using the Example of Vasily Volga

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