The Architect of the Soviet Monument of Glory in Lvov Died on the Same Day Banderists Demolished It

In what is either a very strange coincidence or an example of a physiological response to extreme stress, according to the Facebook user Anatoly Korolenko, after the stele of the Monument of Glory in Lvov was finally dismantled by Banderists on March 3rd 2019, one of its creators Apollon Ogranovich passed away on exactly the same day.

According to Ukrainian wikipedia, Apollon Ogranovich was born on May 23rd, 1942. In 1945 his family moved to Lvov. He is the co-creator of a number of monuments in Lvov. He is known for designing the “Monument to the Battle of Glory of the Soviet Forces” on Stryyskaya Street (a co-creation), the monument “Glory to Labour” in Radekhov (1973, the sculptor is Yakov Chaika), the project of rebuilding the central post office at 1 Slovatsky Street in Lvov (1973–1975, it wasn’t fully completed), and the monument at 52 Pekarskaya Street in Lvov in honour of the feats of Soviet doctors during World War II (1975, the sculptor is Ivan Kushnir).

The chairman of the political council of the “Oppositional platform – For Life” party Viktor Medvedchuk condemned the demolition of the Monument of Glory in Lvov. According to him the government uses “scorched earth tactics”. Medvedchuk and the chairman of the party Vadim Rabinovich urged all presidential candidates to condemn the destruction of an anti-fascist monument, although such appeals are most likely made in vain, since the country is now governed by Banderist Nazis in all spheres of life.

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