The Atlantic Council Thinks Ukraine “Needs Change”: So What Was EuroMaidan?

After the news broke about the Ukrainian defence industry, which is under Poroshenko’s firm control, using Russian-made spare parts when servicing its equipment – i.e., components from the so-called “aggressor state” – it was simply evident that Kiev’s Western patrons would rush to implement damage control.

Thus, on February 28th – 1 month before the presidential elections – the Atlantic Council, which is seen by some as the main NGO mouthpiece of the State Department, published an article with the rather frank title “Why Poroshenko Doesn’t Deserve a Second Term”.

The article starts with the laughable 4-word sentence “Ukraine needs a change”, implying that what happened on Maidan in 2014 – a forced artificial pivot from the so-called “multi-vector” policy of the previous 10 years to noxious anti-Russian aggression – wasn’t enough of a “change”. In other words, America and its EU vassals have once again demolished a technically sovereign state (in reality Ukraine’s “independence” has been an American project from the very beginning) under the disguise of “bringing democracy”, and its become very difficult to sell it as a success story in the media, so Washington is wheeling out the same excuses – “it’s not our fault, but we will help to make things better”.

The article then goes on to give 5 bullet points on why Poroshenko must go (you see, it’s not Assad anymore who “must go”):

  1. Poroshenko “has not dismantled Ukraine’s corrupt system of government or taken on the oligarchy” in 5 years. In essence, when a US coup project shows its true colours and starts to strangle the victim country, the former points to the magic get out of jail card – “corruption”, which is a vague term that explains nothing and implies that the US isn’t corrupt.
  2. Poroshenko hasn’t removed “corrupt judges, police or prosecutors and replacing them with bullet-proof law enforcement institutions”, nor has he punished Yanukovych “and his henchmen”. But Poroshenko was the US’ choice to lead the Maidan junta, so what does that say about the US? Not to mention that the CIA occupies a whole floor in the SBU building, so we are supposed to believe that Washington isn’t aware of what goes on inside the Verkhovna Rada or the Presidential Administration, and that “corruption” is some sort of mystery?
  3. Poroshenko has not protected reformists, Ulana Suprun is “under attack”. By “reformists” the US means those who receive a grant from Washington to cover up its role in destabilising the country and looting resources. For example, let’s take Sergey Leshchenko. He likes to walk around the parliament with a t-shirt saying “fuck corruption” and to manage a YouTube channel where he unmasks Poroshenko’s corruption, whilst at the same time “forgetting” to talk about his own deeds – such as buying a luxury apartment after Maidan for 7.5 million hryvnia with an area of ​ 200m². As for Ulana Suprun, please click here in order to see why this dual-citizen (she has both Ukrainian and US passports) deserves all the abuse she receives.
  4. Poroshenko “has failed to create and protect a free and unfettered press by forcing oligarchs, criminals, and powerful vested interests to divest their media assets”. This statement is probably the most vulgar out of the five, since the entire “international community” has closed its eyes to the violent rape of independent media in Ukraine that voices a different point of view on events in the country. If a Ukrainian journalist publishes an article on the Internet that criticises Maidan and its consequences, they without exception will be visited by the SBU and charged with treason or simply deported. There is a whole archive at hand that covers this topic.
  5. Poroshenko “has failed to instigate or support the removal of immunity for members of parliament, who ‘sell’ their seats and votes which is the basis of political corruption in the country”. However, according to the Americans, there is nothing illegal about Joe Biden literally sat in the President’s chair or orchestrating proceedings in the Rada during voting sessions. No, this is “normal” and doesn’t constitute interference at all…

If to summarise these 5 points into non-propagandist language, the Atlantic Council is simply shrugging its shoulders and saying “you, Ukrainians, shouldn’t have trusted us. We are Americans after all. But next time it will be different. Watch Venezuela and you will see a preview of our new ‘regime change’ scheme. By the way, pay your debts or else!”. Even if Tymoshenko wins the elections, is anything going to “change”? Is the IMF going to forgive billions in debts? Does Ukraine possess itself own raw materials and means of production? These are rhetorical questions, of course.

In connection with this, it goes without saying that one can search the Hilary Clinton Wikileaks archives and learn that these 5 bullet points are actually a nice description of Hillary Clinton, whose critics have a habit of dying in “car accidents” and “suicides”

The pitiful Atlantic Council article closes with the following confession:

Five years after the Euromaidan, Ukrainians still live under the yoke of a third-world governance that abuses them. They deserve better, and they will vote for reform on March 31.

Indeed, the US “democracy” has flattened “independent” Ukraine in the same way it flattened the African continent. In fact, in many respects Africa is more free and prosperous that post-Maidan Ukraine – it sucks to be excluded from the Silk Road project, doesn’t it?

P.S., reading the bio of the author, Diane Francis,is sure interesting:

“She is a director of Aurizon Mines of Vancouver, listed on the Toronto and American Stock Exchanges, is a partner in the world’s largest conference website,, and on the advisory board of a private healthcare company.”

In June 28th 2018 she wrote an article entitled “If Chicago can defeat corruption, so can Ukrainian capital”. But on February 29th, 2019, “WBUR” published a piece entitled “How Chicago Politics Produced A Deeply Entrenched Culture Of Corruption”. So what is it – Chicago defeated corruption, or it is still a problem? If there can be such apparent confusion on this topic, then it’s no wonder that D.C. isn’t sure if ISIS has been “defeated” or not. Does today’s Iraq, which is becoming closer to Iran and more distant from the US with each passing day, need a “change” too, Diane?

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