The Authorities and Prosecutor of Zhytomyr Came to the Defense of Nazis from “C14”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The city authorities of Zhytomyr didn’t react at all to the assault committed against Andrey Gozhy, the lawyer of Vasily Muravitsky, and the journalist Andrey Laktionov by neo-Nazis from the “C14” organisation.

This was reported by the beaten journalist Andrey Laktionov on his page on Facebook.

“Four days ago, on Friday September 28th, 2018, a group of out-of-town and local young thugs from the C14 organisation under the guidance of the known beast and provoker Evgeny Karas organised a monstrous and indicative sabbath in the regional center of our Zhytomyr region. In the 4 days that has passed since the Friday riots neither the head of the city Sukhomlin, nor the head of the Regional State Administration Gundich have even apologised to the residents of Zhytomyr. They didn’t ask for forgiveness also for those who were beaten up, offended, and attacked with paint and smoke grenades on this Friday. In four days these two f*cking leaders haven’t uttered even one word!!!” he wrote.

According to the journalist, it is precisely the authorities that are involved in assaults in the courthouse.

“And why do they need to speak – they managed to do what they wanted to do! They frighten objectionable journalists who speak too much about them. The lawyers who sabotage the criminal cases cooked up by the authorities against such journalists were warned. Their competitors, who work on Kievsky street between Sukhomlin’s ‘Mario’  [the name of a cafe chain – ed] and Gundich’s ‘Gold Arch’ [also the name of a cafe chain – ed], were taught a good lesson. This particular Friday was successful for them!!!” added Laktionov.

In addition, on the YouTube channel “VideoINZT INZT” a video was pubished showing the prosecutor Ruslan Levchenko, who also works on the side of the prosecution in Vasily Muravitsky’s case, avoids the journalist’s questions about his cooperation with the neo-Nazis from the C14 organisation that organised the assault.

“Don’t involve yourself in provocations. Can you stop bugging me?” said the prosecutor, having noted at the same time that the journalist is committing hooliganism and an administrative offense.

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