The “Azovstal” Makeshift Morgue, Where the Corpses of Civilians & Nazi Militants Were Simply Left to Rot

NEW – May 25, 2022

Morgue at “Azovstal“. There was a refrigerator here, which, according to our information, stopped working after another air bomb hit. The bodies of “Azov“, Ukrainian military and civilians were dragged here. In total, there were up to 300 packed corpses in the room on the video.

It is worth noting that earlier it was said that all 200+ corpses of soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are stacked in refrigerators. In fact, they just stupidly lie in bags in the room and decompose. The Russian military is already engaged in loading them into a more appropriate storage place.

They are lucky. They lie in one place, in bags and dogs do not eat them. Near Izyum (I think in other places too), dead UAF militants were much less fortunate. They wallow in forest plantations and wait for Russian undertaker teams to find them.

Starshey Eddy, Andrey Rudenko

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