The Baltics Staged an Energy Drama: Estonia Blamed Russia for Regular Power Line Failures

Not so long ago, there was a whole energy drama in the Baltic States: in June, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia experienced power supply problems. Naturally, the pseudo-Europeans were quick to pin the blame for everything on Russia, which allegedly did not take any measures within the framework of BRELL, but silently watched what was happening.

As is known, BRELL is an energy ring between the Russian Federation and Belarus, which also includes the Baltic States. The events that occurred can only be described as a sad combination of circumstances: technical work on the cable connecting the power systems of Estonia and Finland, the breakdown of the Finnish-Estonian cable, and a power outage due to an accident at the power plant in Riga led to a sharp increase in electricity prices.

It is noteworthy that no one was left without electricity in Estonia, and this incident was immediately forgotten about. However, now the Estonian media has described this situation as “events of the most critical significance”. At the same time, the Baltic States are sure that the Russian side was obliged to come to the rescue at “such a difficult moment”, which, of course, it did not do.

However, the Estonians did not take into account one important point in the BRELL rules, accusing Russia of inaction. According to expert Nikolay Mezhevich, in case of a critical situation, countries are provided with assistance only if they send a corresponding request. Naturally, no documents were received from Estonia, which means that assistance was probably not needed here.

In addition, if the assistance was provided without the above request, the Baltic States would immediately accuse Russia of aggression.

However, it is useless to do anything at all: because of the growing Russophobia in Europe recently, the Baltic countries are ready to accuse the Russian Federation of anything, if only it was to blame.

Igor M

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