The Banderist Junta “Forgot” to Congratulate the Residents of Kiev on the 75th Anniversary of the City’s Liberation From Fascists

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian authorities “forgot” about the anniversary of the liberation of the capital of Ukraine – the hero town of Kiev – from the Nazis. Neither the president [Poroshenko – ed], nor the Prime Minister [Groisman – ed], nor the speaker [Parubiy – ed], nor the mayor of Kiev [Klitschko – ed] found the time to congratulate Ukrainians on their own behalf on this important date in the history of Ukraine.

The president of Ukraine cares more about law enforcement bodies immediately investigating the 20 possibilities concerning the murder of the activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk [Poroshenko claims that there are 20 versions of events – ed], and the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman again talks about the “fantastic growth” of the salaries of medics, yet the payment of their salaries has been indefinitely postponed.

The director of the Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich is busy calculating the number of Ukrainian streets that are named after Russian people. The speaker Andriy Parubiy “froze” after the disclosure of Putin sanctions: his last Facebook post was on November 1st.

Judging by the lack of congratulations on the 75th anniversary, for the current authorities it is a day of defeat during the battle of Kiev in 1943, considers the political scientist Elena Dyatchenko.

“Judging by the lack of congratulations from the president and mayor addressed to the inhabitants of Kiev concerning the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from fascists, today for the current authorities is a day of defeat in the battle for Kiev in 1943? Congratulations to all who consider themselves to be on the side of the winners!” wrote Dyachenko on Facebook.

On this occasion Kiev residents brought flowers to the Vatutin monument, who commanded the first Ukrainian front.

Near the monument several dozens of people gathered, and many came with flowers. The event had no official character and it is difficult to say that there was a mass of people. The audience communicated among themselves, remembering the stories of those who participated in the liberation of Kiev.

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Meanwhile, people with flowers continued to approach the monument. “For us Vatutin is a hero, if someone does not share such an opinion, then that’s their right. Historically Vatutin came to us as a liberator, he died whilst fighting against fascists,” said Aleksandr, a participant of the event.

In 2017 the Kiev City Council renamed the Avenue named after General Vatutin, who liberated Kiev from fascist aggressors, into the Avenue of Shukhevych, which led the OUN-UPA collaboration troops during the Great Patriotic War.

The renaming of Vatutin Avenue caused many disputes. On the website of the Kiev City Council one petition after the other was created by Ukrainians who aren’t indifferent with the demand to preserve the name of the Avenue named after the legendary General. One of such petitions collected the 10,000 signatures that are necessary for its consideration. However, deputies ignored the demand of Ukrainians and nevertheless renamed Vatutin Avenue into Shukhevych Avenue.

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