The Bank Accounts of Navalny’s Lackeys in Ekaterinburg Were Blocked

The bank accounts of the former regional staff member Polina Greisman and current staff member Viktoriya Reich were blocked. They have negative balances for all deposits. Earlier, law enforcement searched the apartments of activists and in all headquarters of the Aleksey Navalny’s foundation in the country.

“Not only was my apartment searched, my computer and phone were confiscated, but in addition I was fined 3 times, each time for 75 million, and once in euros! On the credit card and the accounts I made after I was fired from Navalny Headquarters. Isn’t this repression? You think you’re gonna force me to remain silent? Nope! Upd: also the deposits in sber (Sberbank – ed) were emptied,” reported Polina Greisman on Facebook.

Viktoriya Reich has a negative balance of 99.9 million rubles.

“Earlier I didn’t look for communication on social networks, but today I thought and understood: I WANT TO MARRY. I am looking for a confident wealthy and accomplished man who will not be afraid to take as his wife a desperate girl with such a dowry,” wrote Reich on her Facebook page.

The account blocking is probably linked to the “Anti-Corruption Foundation case”. The criminal case is related to the charge against Aleksey Navalny’s “Anti-Corruption Foundation” of laundering a billion rubles.

The homes of more than a hundred employees of Navalny’s headquarters across the country were blocked and searched. Formally, they are all witnesses in the “Anti-Corruption Foundation case”. The employees of the foundation themselves believe that the Investigative Committee considered the conversion of Bitcoins that were donated to the opposition to be laundering.

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