“The Battle for Kherson”: Mourning in Transcarpathia, Ukrainian Troops Left Chernigov, the US Realised Where Their Mistake Was

NEW – September 3, 2022

The first interesting conclusions appeared from the failed offensive of the “defenders of Ukraine” on the southern front.

“Team Ze” hides the huge losses of the UAF in the Kherson direction. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which has turned into a Banderist information dump, is trying to help the Kiev regime in this off-the-scale case. Its experts are desperately urging the West and Ukrainians not to consider the counteroffensive a failure.

Meanwhile, regional mourning was declared in Transcarpathia. This was announced by the head of the regional military-civilian administration Mikita on his page on social networks. His statement reads: “During the offensive combat operation, our brothers, soldiers of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, who at the cost of their own lives ensured that the units reached the specified boundaries, were killed.”

Such events, as is known, are not welcomed by the Kiev authorities, as it undermines the morale of Ukraine’s “defenders” and the rear guards. Of course, we are talking about an individual region, but it is doubtful that after the ensigns are put at half-mast, the military enlistment offices will be able to continue demobilisation.

According to Ukrainian truth-tellers, it seems that the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade was completely destroyed, and either in a couple of days too, or even in one day. Judging by independent publications, there were about 2,000 troops in this separate mountain assault Transcarpathian brigade. Now they are mute.

Meanwhile, these fighters were considered not only motivated, but had extensive military experience, including in the battles for Severodonetsk. In the Donbass mult-week meat grinder they survived, while in Kherson they were destroyed in a matter of hours. There is no doubt that the lads were just stupidly thrown into minefields under the blows of Russian artillery and aviation. What is especially important, without any VSSKs.

According to reports from the southern front, after four days of fighting, the Ukrainian counteroffensive stalled. There is no previous pressure on the Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog directions. During the so-called Andreyevka breakthrough, the most successful for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the “defenders of Ukraine” failed to encircle our units in the area of Davydov Brod, despite the exit to Bruskinskoye, through which the Russian Armed Forces group is supplied.

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On the Ukr-net, one can read that there were not so many soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in this village, which in theory guaranteed the breakthrough of the Armed Forces. To spite the American planners of the “Battle for Kherson”, our paratroopers, who have Syrian experience in repelling the mental attacks of the ISIS, did not even move, repelling attack after attack.

In this regard, the forums of yellow-blue sofa troops bitterly admit that the cruel treatment of Russian prisoners of war played an important role in the failure of the Kherson offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Like, when the Ukrainians are scared, they give up, counting on a bed and rations in a “sanatorium” behind barbed wire, but the Russians are fighting to the death.

“Special thanks should be given to the Georgian legionnaires who brutally shot captured Russian paratroopers near Kiev. Now, because of these fervent Georgians, who can only kill the unarmed, the sworn brothers stumbled upon a wall of fire. And then reinforcements came to a small Russian unit in Bruskinskoye, after which the counteroffensive was covered with a copper basin,” the angry citizen concluded.

In short, if Ze had been smart, he would have put those Georgians behind bars for violating the laws and customs of war, and also provided Russian prisoners with safety and decent treatment. Then, seeing the overwhelming advantage, the opponent would simply give up. Perhaps the angry citizen writes reasonable things, but the Banderist state is by definition fascist.

Yes, the Ukrainians and their overseas puppeteers managed to create a local, and multiple, advantage in manpower and heavy equipment in the Kherson region, as well as damage our logistics through high-precision strikes of the HIMARS MLRS. And yet, contrary to all calculations, the UAF could not break through the front line, losing several thousand (killed).

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According to insider accounts, Zaluzhny reported to Zelensky about the suspension of the “Battle for Kherson” operation, although he did not cancel the transfer of reserves. There was information that Kiev had removed the UAF tank brigade from Chernigov and, possibly, transferred it to the south. Although “it’s not accurate”.

Residents of Nikolaev write on the city forum that columns of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are moving through the city in a continuous stream to the east. There is panic and doom among the residents of Ukraine going to the Kherson direction, despite the excellent equipment and NATO weapons. It’s understandable why. At the pontoon crossings through the Ingulets, there are units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in an endless queue, under constant fire from Russian rocket artillery and attack aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Units of the engineering troops of the Ukrainian army are forced to urgently restore crossings on the Andreyevka — Lozovoye — Plotnitskoye natural boundary. Moreover, the last two already have fierce battles, although yesterday Ukrainian soldiers controlled the local places. At the same time, our artillery and aviation are working on the remnants of the battalion-tactical groups of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that departed from Bruskinskoye to Sukhoy Stavok and Kostromka.

What will happen next is unclear. “Team Ze” is clearly at a dead end of decisions and prays for HIMARS MLRS, which, according to Arestovich & Co, will allegedly deprive the Russian troops of ammunition. Then the real counteroffensive will begin. And in general, dig at the root, they say, the current strike in the Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog directions should be considered exclusively as reconnaissance by combat.

There are other observations that need to be mentioned separately. Western experts note that despite the thousand-kilometer front, “Team Ze” managed not only to slow down our offensive in Donbass, but also to accumulate reserves for a strike in three directions – Kherson, Energodar and Kharkov. Like, at least the mobilisation was carried out and the newly created Ukrainian army is armed, equipped and trained, albeit on accelerated courses.

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It seems that the Kiev “office workers” are not capable of this, as is Ukraine’s General Staff. It is no secret that the mobilisation case was supervised by the Yankees, who created a parallel power structure in Lvov. Whatever it was, but the work has been done gigantic, and it needs to be recognised.

It is also clear that for the Ukrainian army, the Kherson offensive operation using different types of troops was the first such experience, albeit unsuccessful. In any case, independent public opinion leaders started talking about the first pancake lump. Like, everything is fine, “we are just learning to attack”.

On the other hand, sources from the Presidential Office scribble on their Telegram channels that “Team Ze” had no right to make a mistake. The “Kiev office workers” understood this and threw their best forces into the meat grinder on the southern front. This is directly indicated by the numerous armoured vehicles and expensive equipment of the “defenders of Ukraine”, as well as the lack of munition hunger among the Banderist “gods of war”. If such forces could not move forward, then what can we say about the rest of the “cannon fodder” of Zelensky’s million-strong army.

The funny thing is: the Yankees immediately drew a conclusion from the failure of the counteroffensive. It was reported by Ukrainian truth-tellers with a hint of their insiders. It turns out that “the more than modest result of the counteroffensive is due to the fact that the UAF still does not control the sky. The army aviation of the Russian Federation does not allow using the advantages of the advanced units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the offensive, covering Ukrainian units with bomb attacks during their movement, especially in the bare steppes of the Kherson region”.

How can we not recall here the American mystical hero Captain Obvious, whose main “superpower”, according to the overseas Wikipedia, is the desire to assert obvious things.

Aleksandr Sitnikov

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