The Battle for Russia in Donbass

NEW – April 12, 2022

The war continues. There are medium-intensity offensive actions in all three directions of the DPR. The main task is to shackle the enemy, without giving the opportunity to manoeuvre and conduct counter-offensive actions, lock them in a cauldron, and then destroy them. Since the Great Patriotic War, no country in the world has conducted ground operations of this scale.

It is not possible to increase the speed of our offensive at the moment, not only because the enemy stubbornly resists, but also because at the moment the main forces and means of the Russian army involved in this operation are being regrouped.

Yes, I would like to talk separately about the persistence of the enemy and its reasons. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians are not fraternal peoples, but one nation divided by the political intrigues of historical events. Ukrainians are the same Russians, albeit brainwashed, deceived and pumped up with Nazi ideology. And just like all Russian soldiers, they will stand to the death for what they believe in. And they also have military savvy in battle. As one person once said after the Debaltsevo operation: “We won only because there were more people on our side who cared than on their side.”

In addition to ideology and new values, for eight years, Ukrainian militants have had another motivator – combat brotherhood. This means that, among other things, they are fighting for each other. Not so much for Ukraine and some ideology as for brothers in arms, with whom they shed blood for eight years. In conditions of total fear of war, it does not matter who is right and who is to blame. Most important of all are those who share the trench next to you. This fact cannot be ignored.

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And now multiply all this by the total pumping of weapons and military equipment by Western countries and get what we are fighting now.

I repeat: the factors listed above cannot be ignored in any way. They must be taken into account by each of our soldiers and officers, and especially by the general. The enemy is insidious, strong and cruel, which means that in order to win, you need to beat them hard, decisively and for sure.

There should be no half measures, you need to go to the end, to an absolute victory.

When the regrouping of our main forces and assets involved in the military operation ends, the main battle will begin on the territory of Donbass. I think it will happen soon. The future of the entire military operation will depend on the results of this battle.

Daniil Bezsonov

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