The British Ambassador to Ukraine Carried out an Inspection in Kiev-Controlled Mariupol

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Great Britain will continue to support Ukraine concerning the armed conflict in Donbass. 
This was reported by the ambassador of Great Britain in Ukraine Judith Gough during her trip to Mariupol.

“Of course, Great Britain supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We stand hand in hand with your country,” said Gough.

The extraordinary and authorised ambassador also had a meeting with the Ukrainian admiral Igor Voronchenko.

“For me it is a very great honor to be here in Mariupol today. I had a very fruitful meeting with the admiral Voronchenko, during which he spoke about the situation in this region,” said the diplomat.

Besides asking the obvious question “what is the British government doing in Ukraine?”, it is interesting to speculate about what the British government would say if Russia held meetings with the authorities in the Falklands Islands, placing an emphasis on “British aggression” and illegal annexation? It is likely that the shoe being on the other foot wouldn’t please London…

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