The Brussels Mafia

As if confirming the diagnosis of a “dead-end branch of liberal evolution”, Navalny addressed the European Parliament (EP) and called on the empty hall to maximally shit on the country that was, but is no longer his Motherland.

However, I’m not talking about this living corpse and similar scoundrels (there, by the way, Kara-Murza, Milov, Yashin were also talking…) and not even about the question of the EP deputy Nils Ušakovs (former mayor of Riga): aren’t the sanctions that Navalny calls for aimed against Russia and the Russian people (see the video from 1:22:23)?

Ušakovs himself, by the way, unlike Navalny, spoke Russian, but in the end voted for Navalny’s proposal, which finally sided with the enemies of Russia. About just these scoundrels, who, although they were not in the hall, but who, nevertheless, regularly vote as they are prompted by their lack of conscience, I propose a text from a Polish website.

Author: a user with the nickname “Monaco”.

The real face of the European Parliament

“European Parliament? Is it the mafia? European gathering of moral dwarfs, degenerates and hypocrites!

The European Parliament adopted a shameful resolution on Belarus, lamenting the fate of its agents.

On Thursday, November 26th, the European Parliament adopted a proposal to adopt a resolution on ‘human rights violations’ in Belarus, in particular, due to Roman Bondarenko and other street lowlives and adventurists paid by European agencies.

Here is the result: 613 voted in favour of the resolution, 41 against and 35 abstained.

In the resolution, they call for an early independent investigation into the deaths of street hooligans linked to the protests. In addition, the jackasses called on the EU to support an international investigation into ‘crimes against the Belarusian people’.

Did they not notice, taking care of their agents, that this is the same as how pro-western regimes killed people in France and in Turkey – those who protested against the government!!!

I ask what kind of ‘righteous defenders’ of the oppressed are they in the EP?

I ask the basic question: where were they? All these protectors? Where were these creatures from the EP when ‘Right Sector‘ Banderists killed and burned more than 50 young people in Odessa!!!

Where were these beings from the EP when it was necessary to give a vote to protect the thousands of vulnerable people in Donbass, killed by the Banderist regime 2014 – a regime based in Kiev???!!!

Where in the EP are the defenders of civilians killed by the Ukrainian army and the terrorist groups of ‘Azov‘ and ‘Aidar‘!!!

Now we have the full picture. So what the members of the EP are doing should not surprise anyone. Now we know who they represent, how they represent them, and what the morale of this European Parliament is.

Such hypocrisy on the part of members of the European Parliament and such impudence towards Belarus can only be represented by morally degenerate people who are deprived of real human sympathy. We have a photo showing the structure of a criminal mafia organisation under the EP banner.

The question is, whose interests do they represent by adopting such a resolution?! When in the face of many children and mothers killed in Donbass by the Ukrainian regime, they were silent for 6 years!!!

This resolution also applies to the work on the third package of sanctions against companies and oligarchs (does Lukashenko have oligarchs?) associated with Lukashenko.

Since the actions taken by the EU so far have been ineffective, the EP calls for an expansion of the EU sanctions list. It also called for a complete freeze on transfers of EU funds to the government of Belarus and projects, including loans from the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and others.

As we can see, the European mafia naturally takes care of its own interests and the interests of its paid henchmen. They express great indignation when one of their street hooligans is killed in clashes with law enforcement (for example, an active agent), but when mothers and children are killed in Donbass, there is no reaction and indignation from the EP. Because it was their abetting and subordinate Banderists who gave orders to bomb residential areas and civilians in Donbass.

According to the EP, ordinary people and thousands of residents can be killed in Donbass, but no RESOLUTION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT is required to impose sanctions on the Ukrainian regime in Kiev and punish those responsible for the genocide! !!!.

I ask: in what Union do we live? Who rules us? Who do we choose for such important positions?

How can you be such a hypocrite and such a degenerate? To remain silent in the event of the death of mothers, children, people deliberately killed by the Ukrainian gangs of ‘Azov’, ‘Aidar’ and the regular Ukrainian army?

Now we know that the European Parliament consists of 613 degenerates and morally deprived creatures who voted for this shameful resolution, and only 76 normal people who did not agree to apply double standards and cooperate on the basis and according to the rules of the mafia.”

Aleksandr Dubrovsky

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